University of St. Thomas - Houston Management and Marketing Majors

Management and marketing are two dynamic disciplines that can make or break a company. Management is setting strategy to accomplish business goals, and marketing is attracting customers. Both are essential to an organization’s growth and success.

If you’re a visionary thinker with a strategic mindset, management or marketing may be right for you. Exceptional managers and marketers are always an asset to growing organizations, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing offers excellent career prospects.

With UST’s central location in the booming city of Houston, you’ll find a wide variety of internship and career opportunities. Whether you’d like to contribute to the success of an established company or help a promising startup grow, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge studying management and marketing.

Your success hinges on many factors, including the relationships you build with others in the business community. As a graduate student at the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business, you'll have unparalleled networking opportunities:

Business symposium
Business Symposium

Annual conference connecting you with alumni and leading Houston business experts.

Career Day
Career Day

Panel discussions with alumni and executives on how to best leverage a degree from UST.

Celts exploring businesses
Exploring Businesses

Visit organizations and hear from employees developing and executing business strategies.

Guest speakers
Guest Speakers

Every semester, guest speakers join classes to provide insights and expertise.

University of St. Thomas - Houston company logos for management and marketing gradsThese are just a few of the companies where UST management and marketing grads have found great jobs. With dozens of major organizations headquartered in Houston, our city is rich with career promise. Management and marketing degrees open up a world of job opportunities in:

  • Banking and finance
  • Education
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Medicine and health care
  • Oil and gas
  • Technology
Heidi Thomas Bundren, University of St. Thomas - Houston BBA Marketing Graduate

My education at UST gave me a terrific foundation for my career, and minoring in theology let me delve more deeply into my faith.


Go Beyond Business As Usual

University of St. Thomas - Houston Cameron School of Business group of students and professorsUST is Houston’s only Catholic university, and Catholic social values form the foundation of our core curriculum. We respect the life and dignity of the human person, and believe in contributing to the common good. You'll learn how to engage in capitalism with a conscience, weighing the moral implications of your decisions.

Even in business classes, you’re welcome to talk about big topics, from ethics to religion. We discuss current events, including business impact, community responsibility and how we can improve conditions in the future. Many of our graduates are driving positive transformation through their work in the business world.