Intro - CMHCClinical mental health counselors provide direct counseling services to clients by utilizing psychotherapy approaches and practical problem-solving to support individual, family, and community change. They practice in private practice, community, managed care, medical, business, educational and religious settings.

The Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) at UST is designed to develop mental health leaders to serve the community as licensed professional counselors (LPCs).  Our program upholds the highest standards of ethical, legal, and professional conduct; evidence-based clinical practice; social and cultural diversity; social justice and the dignity of all persons; and the ongoing dialog between faith and reason.

Certificate in Chemical Dependency Counseling

Certificate in Chemical Dependency Counseling (LCDC-Intern)The 21-hour certificate program in Chemical Dependency Counseling prepares graduates to serve the community as Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Interns (LCDC-Interns). The certificate program will facilitate the growth and development of an increased number of LCDC-Interns and LCDC professionals in Texas.

These professionals will help to meet the needs of Texas communities and citizens struggling with addiction and addiction-related mental health issues. Many communities across Texas, and nationwide, continue to grapple with substance-use and related issues that significantly impact members of the community.

Graduates of the certificate program will meet the educational and practical requirements of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Regulatory Services Division for eligibility for LCDC-Intern licensure.