Intro - EDDAt the University of St. Thomas, we believe in the inherent calling of leaders to be creative and competent catalysts for transformative change. The Doctor of Education in Ethical Leadership (Ed.D.) program is an innovative, student-centric program that provides a scholarly template to analyze administrative practices and promote socially responsible leadership in schools and organizations with an educational purpose.

The three-year program is designed to accommodate working adults in K-12, higher education institutions, and education related non-profits. The program distinguishes itself through the use of academic benchmarks that monitor student progress throughout the duration of the program. Students engage in relevant and meaningful research directed toward the creation of educational communities.

Roadmap To Your Success

Roadmap To Your SuccessFinding an institution that speaks to your particular criteria list can be a challenge. At the University of St. Thomas, we have methodically researched what students want and what works to achieve a distinguished, academic accomplishment. In doing so, we have created a roadmap that leads to your success.

Venturing beyond traditional doctoral models, this 3-year, part-time program is interdisciplinary and designed for both public and private educators, as well as individuals from other education-related fields.