Selected social justice teachings of the Catholic Church are used to inform the School of Education and Human Services programs. As educators, the tenets of social justice should play a pivotal role in decision-making strategies in Catholic, private, and public schools of all levels.

  • Subsidiarity:  Educational institutions should be organized and governed as much as possible by the community being served; education should only be controlled at higher levels of society when it cannot be done effectively locally.
  • Dignity and rights of children: Children possess full human dignity and are bearers of rights which should be recognized and upheld in the educational process.
  • People have a right to an education: All people have a responsibility, for the good of society, to contribute to and foster education.

While these three keystones of social justice teachings are present throughout the coursework, they are specifically addressed through scenarios, case studies, and role playing activities at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The “Position Paper” linked below expands on the importance of these social justice tenets in the training of educators and in the operation of public and private schools at all levels.