500X330_PragmaticStudies_PIDDThe Physically and Intellectually Developmentally Disabled (PIDD) Entrepreneurship initiative was developed for people who march to their own proverbial drummers; this population is full of the most creative people on the planet with the best ideas! This program was specifically designed to address those of us who learn differently and have innovative business ideas with the initiative and gumption to build those ideas into realities.

We have created a partnership between the Kolbe School of Innovation and the McNair Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship to teach entrepreneurial skills and business sense to people with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.

Learning Objectives

500X330_LearningObjectives_PIDDLearning objectives for the PIDD Program include:

  1. Recognizing entrepreneurial opportunities for new business ventures
  2. Communicating effectively and professionally in business situations
  3. Leading by using team building skills and facilitating collaborative behaviors
  4. Demonstrating good work habits, time management and self-discipline
  5. Understanding business ethics and issues of social responsibility

Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL), facilitators will teach students the "ins-and-outs" of creating and running an effective business. Instruction takes place over the course of 10 weeks using multiple modalities so that all learning styles are supported