500X330 – Drug&Alcohol.jpg There is a tremendous need for drug and alcohol counselors in Texas and nationwide.  The Associate of Applied Science in Drug and Alcohol Counseling program at the University of St. Thomas prepares graduates to serve the community as Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Interns (LCDC-Interns).  These professionals will help to meet the needs of citizens and communities struggling with addiction and addiction-related mental health issues.

This unique degree provides a fully online program and two semesters of practicum training during which a student builds their clinical skills in an addiction setting.

This is a 60-hour program, with each course representing 3 credit hours.

Prepare For Your Career In Counseling

500X330 – Counseling.jpgUST’s Associate of Applied Science in Drug and Alcohol Counseling degree is ideal for students interested in working with those struggling with addiction in mental health and related settings, and also welcomes professionals interested in obtaining their LCDC-Intern license.  Classes are geared toward practical application of addiction counseling and treatment, with a faculty of high-level scholars and practitioners, passionate about the development of drug and alcohol counselors nationwide.

Graduates will meet the educational and practical requirements of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Regulatory Services Division for eligibility for LCDC-Intern licensure.