500X330_Kolbe_IntroAs an incoming student to the Kolbe School of Innovation and Professional Studies, you will become a part of the tradition of excellence at UST in a two-year associate’s program while we prepare advancement in your knowledge of innovation, production, operation efficiency, while learning how to think critically and problem solve.

If you decide to persist on to any of our four-year undergraduate programs, you will have the opportunity and successful preparation to do that as well.

Technical Degree Program

500X330_Kolbe_TechnicalThe technical degree program was created to support a growing population that needs a skilled workforce, and we are committed to providing you with a high-quality academic program that will provide access and entry into a world of Cybersecurity and Networking Technology, two sectors with high growth potential in a competitive marketplace.

During your time with us, you will have access to job shadowing, engaging and knowledgeable professors currently working in the field, certification preparation, and convenient distance learning experiences that will prepare you to be a leader of faith and character.

Pragmatic Studies Program

500X330_Kolbe_PragmaticThe Pragmatic Studies Program is a two-year program designed specifically for students who have learning differences that may interfere with academic success in a traditional collegiate setting.

Students engage in Universal Design for Learning on campus in the traditional face-to-face modality with other students and caring professors for more personalized instruction.

Drug And Alcohol Counseling Program

500X330_Kolbe_CounselingDue to answering the call for the tremendous need for drug and alcohol counselor in Texas and nationwide, we are excited to offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Drug and Alcohol Counseling degree. Drug and alcohol counselors, specifically named licensed chemical dependency counselors (LCDCs) in Texas, provide direct counseling treatment, both in individual and group formats, to clients in need of mental health support. Often LCDCs work with clients suffering from co-morbid mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders.

These counselors use evidence-based treatment to help clients better understand the impact of addiction and necessary skills to manage the addictive symptomology. As such, they are an integral piece in the recovery from addiction and re-integration with society.

General Business Program

500X330_Kolbe_GeneralBusinessThe impetus for the creation of this Associate of Applied Science in General Business is to provide students with the skills that are needed for today’s workforce. This program aligns well with our mission of creating a high-quality academic program that is designed to serve the needs of a diverse population in the greater Houston area and beyond. Modality will be online. UST’s Associate of Applied Science in General Business program will provide the foundational coursework in the major areas of Business, such as accounting, finance, economics, management and marketing.

Business majors are in demand because organizations always need people who have the practical skills to organize, plan and manage the varied activities within a business. An Associate Degree in Business can help improve job prospects and earning potential. This program exposes students to the knowledge and skills for a foundational degree in business. The program also enhances skills in critical thinking, communication, information literacy, and professional responsibilities with a unique focus on leadership skills and ethics.

UST also offers an online Certificate in Social Media Marketing for those looking to enhance their knowledge and skills of running successful social media campaigns for businesses and organizations. This six-course program is online, with the certificate courses providing students with 18 credit hours in General Business. These credits can be used towards the completion of an Associate of Applied Science in General Business, if desired.

Dean’s Message


The Kolbe School of Innovation and Professional Studies is excited to offer a student-centric, high- quality, mission-centered, cost-effective, and real-world educational experience for students in a two- year academic program tailored to their learning needs. Some of you may be asking, “What is the origin for our school’s name?” Saint Maximillian Kolbe is the patron saint of hope and heroes and lived his life putting others first and inspired those around him. The Kolbe School represents just that—our desire to put you as our students at the center of all that we do, and the heroes who are our faculty and staff selflessly committed to providing you with an excellent educational experience.