Research Presentation GuidelinesPresentation Scheduling

Faculty advisors/sponsors will be notified of presentation time slots by Monday of the week of the annual Research Symposium. It is the responsibility of the faculty advisors/sponsors to notify their students.

Oral Presentations

Talks are limited to 15 minutes – a 12-minute talk plus 3 minutes for questions. Session moderators will strictly enforce these time limits.

On the day of your presentation, arrive at least 30 minutes early to introduce yourself to the moderator. Notify the moderator of your audio/visual needs, which must also be indicated on your abstract submission form.

Audience Members: Please be considerate to the presenters, as they have worked very hard on their research. Do not walk in front of a presenter or leave in the middle of a presentation. Please practice common courtesy.

Poster Presentations

The posters will be available throughout the Symposium, beginning on Thursday evening with the Poster Reception in Crooker. Posters will be on view throughout the day on Friday and Saturday morning on the floor of the gymnasium. The posters will be judged on Friday evening. Students are expected to be with their posters on both Thursday evening during the reception and during judging on Friday evening.

The Committee on Student Research will provide an easel with a 4’x 4’ foam core board for display of your poster. The maximum area for your poster placement is 4’ x 4’. Bring your own supplies to attach your poster to the foam core, such as push pins. Do not mount your presentation materials on heavy board.

You must place your poster on the display foam core between 3 and 4 p.m. on Thursday, the day of the poster reception. If you cannot place your presentation at that time, please notify Dr. Harris  immediately. If you do not claim your poster immediately after the Symposium, you may not be able to retrieve it later. Food and beverages will be available.