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International Students Admissions Requirements

The University of St. Thomas values international students as part of our thriving, diverse community. Our graduate programs’ advanced degrees train you for a successful career, and our Office of International Student Services welcomes you with personalized attention.

Each graduate program at UST has distinct requirements including specific standardized testing, supporting documents and deadline information. Please review your program’s admissions page first and then reference the general information below for International Applicants.

International Applicants

International applicants are required to submit the following materials for graduate admission:

*Test Scores for the TOEFL and IELTS cannot be older than 2 years. Applicants are waived from the English proficiencies if they have earned a degree from a regionally accredited US institution or earned a degree in a country where English is the official language of instruction.

For more information on required documents after being admitted, please visit Steps After Being Admitted.