500X330_Hometown_IntroUST is offering a full tuition scholarship for HISD high school seniors, who identify a problem in their local community, and have a plan to solve that problem!  We are looking for creative, motivated, service-oriented students who want to make a change for the good of their community. 

Students will write a plan by answering these questions:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • What is your solution, and how will it create change in your community?
  • What is the projected timeline for implementation of your plan?
  • Have you secured any resources for your plan or have you consulted with community leaders that will help with your plan?
Make A Difference In Your Community

500X330_Hometown_CommunityUST wants to help you change your community!  As a student at UST you will learn about Catholic social teachings and see our commitment to service.  If you have the desire and a plan to solve problems in your community, you are a perfect fit for UST!  If you win this scholarship competition, you’ll also receive a full tuition scholarship to UST, along with funding and support to be a hero in your community!

HISD high school seniors may submit their application materials from 10/1/22 – 1/16/2023.

Students must also apply for admission to UST during this time and should complete a FAFSA application (opens Oct. 1) for the 2023-24 school year.

A scholarship committee will evaluate the applications of admitted students and those who are advancing to the second level of competition will be notified by end of January, 2023.  In person interviews will occur on campus on March 4, 2023. A full tuition scholarship winner will be announced in the weeks following and we will also name runners-up who are eligible for an additional scholarship.