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Dean of StudentsThe Dean of Students works with the campus community to foster leadership, civility, accountability and responsibility and serves as an advocate for students.  Working through the Office of Student Affairs, the Dean of Students is responsible for upholding the Code of Student Conduct, ensuring a safe, conducive, and enjoyable learning environment for UST students.  The office addresses student concerns and complaints and strives to help all students achieve their academic and personal goals.

The Student Handbook contains important information that all students should know, including University policies, the Code of Student Conduct, and campus resources.  Please note that although the Student Handbook contains a number of university policies relevant to students, all University policies can be viewed via MyStThom. For additional program specific information, students should consult their department’s website.

Below is a list of policies and reports that students should be aware of.  All students should take the time to become familiar this information.