Embark on a life-changing adventure through UST’s Study Abroad programs! Discover new cultures, create lasting friendships, and gain a global perspective that will shape your future. Immerse yourself in diverse academic environments, where learning extends beyond the classroom, and personal growth has no bounds.

Go beyond learning, beyond borders and beyond any classroom with UST Study Abroad.

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UST Study Abroad Program
See and hear from students sharing the experience of studying abroad in Rome, how they afforded it and how it's changed their view of the world and their future.


There are numerous scholarships available to help cover the expenses involved in studying abroad.

Programs and Destinations

Earn UST credit while participating in one of our Study Abroad programs:

Discover Your Purpose, at Home & Abroad

University of St. Thomas - Houston study abroad student in front of scenic building in RomeAt UST, we emphasize the virtues of goodness, discipline and knowledge as you journey through the world to improve communities and enrich people’s lives. You’ll venture beyond the classroom and discover your purpose as you experience diverse cultures.

Balancing Catholic faith and education in our core curriculum, our liberal arts approach challenges you to look at situations from a different perspective, opening the door to the human side of any profession. When you travel and become connected to new communities, you calibrate your moral compass and develop incredible skills that help you become an effective, empathetic and bold leader.

Moises Carreon Duran B.A./M.A. in Diplomacy & Strategic Affairs ‘24

Participating in UST Study Abroad has helped me grow personally by allowing me to experience different cultures first-hand and learn from locals with different backgrounds.

Moises Carreon Duran B.A./M.A. in Diplomacy & Strategic Affairs ‘24