Requesting Transcripts, Verifications, and Diplomas

You may request a transcript, verification, or replacement diploma online through Parchment.

The cost for transcripts is $11.25 per transcript (regular processing) OR $25 per transcript (same-day processing or if mailing to an international address). The cost for a verification is $7.60 per verification.

Transcripts/verifications are typically sent electronically through Parchment. There are additional mailing fees if you request printed items. Note: Transcripts prior to the year 2000 may not be able to use the electronic delivery service.

The cost for a replacement diploma is $50. If you are a new graduate, please note that a free copy of your diploma (both digital and paper) will be sent to every eligible graduate student upon completion of their degree.

To Make a Request
To submit a request for one of these items, please visit the Parchment website and provide the following:

  • Your name during attendance
  • Date of Birth
  • Start Year/Last Year Attended
  • Last four of Social Security Number
  • Email Address
  • Your signature/approval to release data so Parchment can send the transcript on your behalf.
  • Complete mailing or email address where the transcripts/verifications/diplomas are to be sent.
Verifications - When Do I Need One?

While you are a student at UST, you may need to verify your enrollment with an outside party. Here are some of the common uses for a verification:

  • An employer needs to verify your enrollment to reimburse you a portion of your tuition costs.
  • You are pursuing an outside scholarship and need to verify your enrollment.
  • You may wish to provide your insurance company with an enrollment verification for discounts or your loan provider to defer loan payments.

Enrollment Verification requests will not be processed until after the census date of the current term. For past enrollments, your request will be made available to you within two business days.

Transcript Evaluations & Transfer Credit

If you’re looking to transfer credits from another institution, your transcript should be sent directly to the Office of Admissions for evaluation. We will then review your transcript and determine the courses that will transfer in, if applicable. These transferred courses will be posted to your record and be reflected as a total number of transferred credits on your official transcript.

To view a listing of any coursework transferred into UST, please look for the Course History or Transfer Credit Summary links under your Academic Progress tile in myStThom. An overview of the features of myStThom may be found on the myStThom and Registration page.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions concerning transcripts or verifications.