Registration and myStThom

Students at the University of St. Thomas utilize the myStThom portal for many important tasks that pertain to their academic record.

Learn more about the Student Handbook feature within the myStThom portal, as well as tips to help prepare for class registration.


The Student Homepage is your hub of account and enrollment information.  Here are descriptions of what each tile contains:

Profile provides your personal details, contact details, address, and emergency contacts. You are able to add/edit your phone numbers and email addresses here (Note: Your email address is your official university email account and will be used for all formal business with the university).

Tasks lists any holds present on your account. Some of these holds can prevent you from being able to register for classes or access your transcript/diploma, so it is very important to check this tile if it notes there are items in it.

Academic Progress is a place for many functions, including:

  • My Planner - A place to store courses for future enrollment. Planned courses work with your degree progress report and can also be used during registration to quickly select your desired courses.
  • Transfer Credit Summary - This is where you can see how any transfer credit accepted was applied to your overall coursework at UST.
  • Degree Progress Report – An important report that shows your progress to degree completion.
  • Major/Minor Request Form – Official changes of major (where applicable) are requested here.
  • Graduation Status – When graduation applications are submitted, the status of that application shows here.

Final Grades and Transcripts will show your grades earned, course history and is where you can create your own unofficial transcript. There is also a link to request an official transcript via Parchment.

Advisor and Registration Dates will show your advisor’s name and contact information. Advisors can also communicate with you here using Advising Notes. Finally, you can view your expected graduation term as well as enrollment appointment dates for a given term.

Search Classes and Register provides you with the class schedule so that you can search for classes. You can search for classes, enroll, drop/swap, and view your shopping cart.

Financial Account provides you with your tuition balance, payment history and charges due.

Financial Aid provides you with the total financial aid funds that you have received.

UST Resources is the location where you can find all student forms and instruction documents for various offices across campus.

Immunization Form Upload is where you can upload and view your immunization records for admissions.

College Scheduler is a resource tool that will help you to plan coursework for current and future semesters. Students can select preferred classes, set up time block and aid in setting up a semester schedule.

Registrar main photo 400x300Before you begin the registration process, let's ensure you're fully prepared to make the most of your course selection. Here's a handy list of steps to help you get ready to register with confidence.

Please note that students will use their myStThom account to access the various features listed below. For further assistance, please contact the Office of the Registrar.



  • Set Up a meeting with your academic advisor. To find the name of your academic advisor, go to the Student Homepage and click on the Advisor and Registration Dates tile to view your advisor information.
  • Check your priority registration time (for continuing students only, not first-semester students). Go to the Student Homepage and click on Advisor and Registration Dates. Next, click on Enrollment Dates, selecting the appropriate term. It will display your registration dates and times for the term selected.
  • Review your advising report to begin to plan for your upcoming schedule. Select View Degree Progress Report from the Student Homepage. Click View Report as PDF. Your advising report will appear listing the courses that are required for your degree, major, minor, etc.
  • Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor. Bring your planned schedule to assist you and your academic advisor during the meeting. Choose alternate class options if your first choice is no longer available when you register.  Some advisors also use Advising Notes to aid in the advising process. You may use the Advising Notes for Students guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of this tool.
  • Check for and clear any account holds. Holds can prevent you from registering. To check holds, click on Tasks from the Student Homepage. Click on Holds to review the list.  Please follow any action steps listed on the hold and/or contact the person/department that is named as the contact for that hold.  For example, a business office hold can be handled by the Business Office.  A hold for missing transcripts can be handled by the Registrar’s Office.  Resolve any holds before attempting to register.
  • Register Online. You can register once your priority registration time from step 2 begins. To register online, click Search Classes and Register from the Student Homepage. On the next screen, select Class Search and Enroll and choose the appropriate term. Search for courses you are interested in and click Select and Next. Follow the prompts to save and confirm classes. The last screen requires you to select Finish Enrolling.
  • Are you wishing to take a course as an audit student? We're glad you're here! The process is easy. You can search for courses using our Class Search. Once you find the course you would like to audit, please fill out our Audit Registration Form and submit it back to us in one of the following ways:
    • In Person: Herzstein Enrollment Services Center, 4115 Yoakum Street
    • By Mail: Attn: Registrar's Office, 3800 Montrose Blvd. Houston, TX 77006
    • By Email: (If you are a current student, please send from your email account)

The Registrar's Office will notify students by phone/email if they have been assigned an audit space the week before classes begin for the semester/session. Spaces will be assigned on a first come/first serve basis.

The standard tuition rate to audit a course is $100 per hour standard, or if you are over 55 years of age, the rate is $50 per hour. Rate is subject to change, and not all courses are able to be audited.

Please contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions about auditing a course. If you have questions concerning billing/payments, please contact the Business office at

MyStThom Instruction Guides

Students use myStThom to register for classes each semester. Please see the following links for specific instructions to assist you with preparing for registration, adding classes to your schedule, and dropping classes from your schedule.

You can also use myStThom to declare your major, where applicable.