Intro - Student Financial ServicesAfter your financial aid award is applied, you may still have a remaining balance owed to UST.

To make it easier, you have the option to set up an interest-free monthly payment plan which allows you to pay off your balance over several months instead of paying it all at once.

Changes in your academic standing may affect your tuition. If this occurs, please contact us so your payment plan can be adjusted.

Company Deferment

Aerial photo of City of Houston skylineIf your employer offers tuition reimbursement, UST allows you to defer payment of your portion for up to 45 days after grades post in that semester. To qualify, you’ll need to submit a letter on company letterhead:

  • Signed by HR or your immediate supervisor stating you’re eligible
  • Stating the percentage of your tuition that will be paid by your company
  • Listing any conditions or requirements (such as grades) for the reimbursement

You’ll also need to sign a company deferment promissory note and pay a $75 company deferment fee so payment arrangements can be finalized by UST.

You may scan and email documents to or fax them to 713-525-2172.