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Chief’s Message

H.E. Jenkins Chief of Police

The University of St. Thomas Police Department (USTPD) supports the mission of UST by providing a safe and secure campus environment through professional law enforcement service, emergency management, crime prevention and awareness programs.

The USTPD is committed to serving our community. This department consists of eight police officers, one community service officer, four dispatchers, 1 full-time parking attendants, and 1 student workers. This department operates 24 hours a day with administrative offices open 8:30am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday.

The USTPD believes in teaching our students how to keep safe while at the University of St. Thomas campus, when they go off campus, and when they graduate from the university. Crime prevention is a community effort and the USTPD does its part by providing the following services.


  • 24/7/365 Services
  • Emergency Call Boxes
  • Safety Escorts
  • Shuttle Services
  • Parking Management and Enforcement
  • Criminal Offense Reports and Investigations
  • Vehicle Accident Reports and Investigations
  • Crime Prevention and Awareness Presentations
  • Emergency Management

Our success will depend on our working with the university community, so we are always seeking input from the students, faculty, staff, and visitors. If you have comments, complaints, or ideas, please email at, call our office at (713) 525-3888, or visit our offices on the first floor of Moran Center Parking Garage.