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Security Escorts

Security EscortsSafety escorts are available for all students, faculty and staff on campus 24 hours a day. Please call 713-525-3888 to make arrangements.

If you are on campus late, let the UST Police Department know where you are, so we can periodically check on you.

Shuttle Services

UST vanThe shuttle service is available to all students for transportation to local businesses such as nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, museums, the Houston Zoo and the Medical Center for doctors’ appointments.

Spring 2018 Shuttle Schedule:

Monday:         1:30pm-6pm

Tuesday:        12:15pm-2pm & 3:30pm-6pm

Thursday:       12:15pm-6:15pm

Call 713-525-3888 to schedule a shuttle.

For questions concerning a van reservation for a club activity, our schedule or our route, call the UST Police Department at 713-525-3888.
Vehicle Jumpstarts:

Is your battery dead?

Call UST Police Department at (713) 525-3888 and we will either give you a jump box or assist with jumpstarting your vehicle, so you can make it to a mechanic to get it checked out. 

Vehicle Unlocks:

Vehicle UnlocksIs your keys locked in your vehicle?

Call UST Police Department at (713) 525-3888 and we will assist with unlocking your vehicle for free.