Dr. Albert Ribes-Zamora Dr. Albert Ribes-Zamora Associate Professor

Dr. Albert Ribes-Zamora teaches molecular biology, genetics and introductory biology. His research areas include DNA repair and telomeres.


  • Master of Science - Biology - University of Kentucky
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Cell & Molecular Biology - Baylor University


  • Bar-coding the genus Gongora in orchids (2013)
  • Telomeric Localization of XRCC4 and XLF (2012)
  • Dissection of Nej1-Lif1 interaction in yeast (2011)
  • SCDFinder: a new bioinformatic tool (2011)


  • "TRF2 interaction with Ku heterotetramerization interface gives insight into c-NHEJ prevention at human telomeres."
    Cell Reports
    Cell (2013) Vol. 5 Page 194-206
  • "Bringing Research into Laboratory courses"
    EDULEARN13 Proceedings
    IATED (2013) Page 5913-5918
  • "The Role of Multimerization During Non-Homologous End Joining, New Research Directions in DNA Repair."
    New Research Directions in DNA Repair.
    InTech (2013) Page 41-66
  • "An S/T-Q cluster domain census unveils new putative pathways and targets under Tel1/Mec1 control. BMC Genomics"
    BMC Genomics
    BMC (2012) Page 664


  • "Telomeros y roturas de ADN, los extremos se tocan" (2013)
    Universidad de Santo Tomas
  • "A. Xrcc4 And Xlf Interact With Telomeric Proteins At Chromosome Ends. (2013)" (2013)
    This poster received and Honorable mention award
  • "Using bioluminescence to dissect DNA repair pathways" (2012)
    Friends of the Doherty Library, New Faculty Lecture Series