Dr. Charles Stewart Dr. Charles Stewart Associate Professor
Art History

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Dr. Charles Anthony Stewart specializes in the analysis of Late Roman and Early Medieval architecture, especially in the eastern Mediterranean region. In general, his publications investigate transitional periods of history, as well as artistic, technological, and economic exchange between neighboring cultures. These interests have led him to study the societal development of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in Central Asia, North Africa and Europe.

Areas of Expertise
Classical Art and Architecture, Medieval Art and Architecture (including Islamic Art and Architecture)


  • Bachelor of Arts - Art History & Archaeology - University of Missouri
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Art History - Indiana University


  • Byzantine sculpture in Italy (2014)
  • Late Antique and medieval art in Baltic museums (Copenhagen, Talinn, St. Petersburg, etc.) (2013)
  • Imperial architecture in Cyprus and Greece (2013)
  • Analysis of the Frescos of the Church of St. Anthony, Kellia, Cyprus (2012)
  • Analysis of Byzantine imperial portraits (Rome and Istanbul) (2011)
  • Survey of Domed-Hall Churches in the Eastern Mediterannean (2010)
  • Analysis of the phases of the Cathedral of St. George, Famagusta (2009)
  • Survey of art and architecture of churches in Cyprus and Anatolia (Turkey) (2007)
  • Survey of art and architecture of churches in Cyprus and Egypt (2006)
  • Survey of art and architecture of churches in Cyprus and Israel (2005)
  • Survey of Medieval Churches of Provence, Piedmont and Lombardy (2002)
  • Archaeological analysis at St. Lazare Cathedral, Autun (France) (2001)
  • Dolforwyn Castle Excavations (1999)
  • Gothic castle survey (1998)
  • Medieval Monastery, Tarbat, Scotland (1998)


  • "“Masterpieces of the Virgin Mary in Houston”"
    December’s Rose
    Gothic Records (2018) Page 4-6
  • "Review of R. Hachlili's Ancient Synagogues - Archaeology and Art"
    The Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
    (2017) Page 238-239
  • "“The Chapel of St. Basil”"
    Sacred Music form the Chapel of Saint-Basil
    Gothic Records (2017) Page 4-6
  • ""Architectural Innovation in Early Byzantine Cyprus""
    Architectural History
    (2014) Vol. 57
  • "Cyprus and the Balance of Empires: Art and Archaeology from Justinian I to the Coeur de Lion"
    Cyprus and the Balance of Empires: Art and Archaeology from Justinian I to the Coeur de Lion
    American Schools of Oriental Research (2014)
  • "Flying Buttresses & Pointed Arches in Byzantine Cyprus"
    Masons At Work
    Book Chapter Etudes chypriotes 43
    University of Pennsylvania (2012) Page 1-12
  • ""The First Vaulted Churches in Cyprus""
    Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians
    (2010) Vol. 69 Page 162-189
  • "Domes of Heaven: The Domed Basilicas of Cyprus"
    Domes of Heaven: The Domed Basilicas of Cyprus
    published dissertation
    UMI (2008)
  • "“Modular Design in the Vaulting of Early Byzantine Cisterns and Reservoirs”"
    Against Gravity
    University of Pennsylvania (2005)
  • "The Fortification of Cyprus within the Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire (965-1191)"
    Byzantium’ in Transition, Volume 2: Middle to Late Byzantine or Early Frankish era, 12th – 13th
    Cambridge University Press (1900)
  • "Early Byzantine Military Architecture in Cyprus"
    The Archaeology of Late Antique and
    Book Chapter forthcoming Cahiers du Centre d’
    De Boccard (1900)
  • "“A Byzantine Image of Alexander: Literature in Stone,”"
    Report of the Department of Antiquities Cyprus 2017
    Government Publications (Republic of Cyprus) (1900)


  • "Ireland’s Role in Europe in the so-called Dark Ages" (2018)
    Irish Studies and the Friends of Archaeology
  • "Christian Art in Central Asia" (2018)
    Tandy Institute of Archaeology / Southwest Commission on Religious Studies Conference
  • "The Alexander-Heraclius Stele: a Byzantine Sculpture Discovered in Cyprus" (2017)
    American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) Annual Meeting
  • "The Sacred Geometry Behind the Philip Johnson’s Architecture" (2017)
    Friends of the Kreeger Museum, Washington D.C.
  • "The Nature of Sacred Art" (2017)
    Rothko Chapel Guild
  • "Expressing Christian Identity on the Silk Road" (2017)
    UNESCO Conference: “Religions of Kazakhstan and Central Asia on the Great Silk Road
  • "Cyprus and the Development of Early Byzantine Fresco Painting" (2017)
    Melusine of Cyprus: Papers in Honor of Annemarie Weyl Carr
  • "Secrets of the Silk Road: Discovery of the Lost City of Ilanbaliq" (2017)
    26th Annual Heinrich Schliemann Lecture, The Friends of Archaeology Society
  • "In the Eye of The Storm: Archeology in the Midst of War in Syria" (2017)
    Public, Crossroads Cultural Center, Friends of Archaeology Society
  • "Crosses on the Silk Road" (2017)
    Annual Meeting of the SWCRS-ASOR (Southwest Commission on Religious Studies - American Schools of Oriental Research
  • "Development of Byzantine Monuments within the Natural Environment" (2017)
    International Conference: Environment, landscape and society
  • "Serdica: A Northern Roman Frontier City" (2016)
    The Friends of Archaeology
  • "The Architecture of Famagusta, Cyprus" (2015)
    Houston Archeological Society
  • "The Archaeology of Christianity prior to Constantine" (2015)
    Tandy Institute for Archaeology
  • "The Origins of Christian Art and Architecture" (2015)
    Tandy Institute for Archaeology
  • "The Archaeological Ghosts of Gothic Famagusta" (2014)
    Fort Bend Archeological Society
  • "Symbols of Wisdom in Architectural Iconography" (2014)
    The Carl Jung Center, Houston
  • "The Colossus of Barletta and the Concept of Kosmocracy" (2014)
    The Friends of Archaeology
  • "Modular Design in the Vaulting of Early Byzantine Cisterns and Reservoirs"International Symposium: Against Gravity: Building Practices in the Pre-Industrial World

Honors and Awards

  • Fellowship - Professor Ulrich A. Middeldorf Fellowship (Indiana University Art Museum) (2005)