Dr. Thomas Harmon Dr. Thomas Harmon Associate Professor

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  • Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy (BA) - GONZAGA UNIVERSITY
  • Master of Arts - Theology - Ave Maria University
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Theology - Ave Maria University


  • ""Augustine on Pilgrimage for the Whole Person""
    (2014) Vol. 95 Page 95-104
  • ""Reconsidering Charles Taylor's Augustine""
    Pro Ecclesia
    (2011) Vol. XX Page 185-209
  • ""The Sacramental Consummation of the Moral Life""
    New Blackfriars
    (2010) Vol. 9
  • ""The Efficacy of the Sacraments for Christian Living""
    (2010) Vol. 14 Page 247-260
  • "Review of James V. Schall, The Regensburg Lecture"
    Nova et Vetera
    (2009) Vol. 7 Page 276-280
  • "Review essay on J. Brian Benestad, Church, State, and Society"
    Perspectives on Political Science
  • "Review Essay on Matthew L. Lamb, ed., Catholicism and America: Challenges and Prospects"
    Nova et Vetera
  • "Review essay on Craig G. Bartholomew, Where Mortals Dwell: A Theology of Place for Today"


  • ""Love, Reason, and the Divine: The Ancient Quarrel Between Poetry, Philosophy, and Christianity""Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion
  • ""Nature, Sin, and Human Happiness""Northeastern Political Science Association
  • ""Three Waves and the Longer Cycle of Decline: Leo Strauss and Bernard Lonergan on Modernity"Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture Fall Conference
  • ""Truth and History in Readin ghte 'Signs of the Times'""New Wine, New Wineskins Conference
  • ""Truth and History in Reading the 'Signs of the Times'""Catholic Theological Society of America