Dr. David Schein Dr. David Schein Associate Dean; Director of Graduate Programs; Tenured Professor
Marketing & Management

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Areas of Expertise
Employment Law – including sexual harassment, employment discrimination, minimum wage, drugs in the workplace, independent contractors, Equal Pay Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, public and private sector whistleblowers. Human Resource matters – including Affordable Care Act, FMLA, employee handbooks, wellness programs, employee training, performance evaluations, cell phone use, monitoring of employees, guns in the workplace, etc. Consumer law – including Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, FICO, TX DTPA, real estate matters.


  • Doctor of Philosophy - Higher Education - University of Virginia (2005)
  • Juris Doctor - Law - University of Houston (1977)
  • Master of Business Admin - Business - University of Virginia (1975)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Trans. & Public Utilities - University of Pennsylvania (1973)


  • "Teaching Undergraduate Business Ethics"
    """Despite the fact that the academic discipline of business ethics is about 40 years old, it is still a relatively new field. Many questions about the pedagogy of business ethics are still being explored. Definitive standards have not been adopted by a majority of the business school administrators, faculty who teach business ethics, and the accreditation organizations that share responsibility for defining this discipline. There has also been a long- standing debate between advocates for integrating business ethics material into traditional business school courses and advocates for offering separate courses on business ethics. This debate suggested that there is a difference in the teaching goals of the business ethics faculty between those who teach separate courses and those who teach integrated courses. A quantitative survey, designed for this study, was sent to members of two professional organizations in order to reach faculty members who teach business ethics at the college level. Respondents were asked a series of demographic questions and were asked whether they taught integrated or separate business ethics courses. The participants rated the importance of six different teaching goals and the level of achievement their business ethics students experienced in awareness and mastery. A broad cross-section of experienced business ethics teachers participated in the survey. A total of 174 usable responses were tabulated and analyzed."
    Scholars’ Press (2014) Page 121
  • "An Exploratory Study of Chinese Own Brand Strategy in Grocery Sector"
    International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management. Not in DM list.
    (2012) Vol. 3 Page 139-159
  • "The Development of Chinese Supermarket Enterprise Own Brands"
    International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development
    (2012) Vol. 12 Page 93-105
  • "Holding Credit reporting Agencies Accountable: How the Financial Crisis May be Contributing to Improving Accuracy in Credit Reporting"
    Loyola University Chicago's Consumer Law Review
    (2012) Vol. 24 Page 329-354
  • "An Examination of Chinese Own Brand Development Model: a Resourse Perspective"
    International Journal of Strategic Change Management
    (2011) Vol. 3 Page 116-126


  • "Grandma Got Run Over by a Freeway" (2014)
    ALSB Annual Meeting
    This is a case that deals with stakeholder analysis in the public sector. The case is designed to help business ethics students grasp the concept of stakeholder analysis. The case encourages broad application of the ethical concepts that could be applied to make decisions
  • "New Whistleblower Protection for Federal Contract Employees" (2014)
    ALSB Annual Meeting
    This article contrasts the protections for federal contract employees in this statute with other whistleblower protections for federal employees. The article then explains the specific application of this statute.
  • "Discipline of Faculty for Classroom Political Activity" (2013)
    ALSB Annual Meeting
    Should faculty be sanctioned for classroom political activity?
  • "Evaluation of the Proposal to Amend the Bankruptcy Code to Prohibit Private Employers from Refusing to Hire Applicants on the Basis of Bankruptcy Fili" (2013)
    ALSB Annual Meeting
    Analysis of proposed modification to the employment section of the US Bankruptcy Code.
  • "The Technology of Teaching: Matching the Meium to the Message" (2011)
    ALSB Annual Meeting
    Utilizing effective e-learning approaches by matching certain courses and materials to the technology used.
  • "Developing and Teaching Distance Learning/On-line Courses" (2010)
    ALSB Annual Meeting
    Discussing advances in e-learning technology and approaches.
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