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Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth Assistant Professor

Dr. Hollingsworth's research interests include the synthesis and characterization of multifunctional hybrid particles, as well as the study of complex fluids. In particular, his group aims to develop low-cost nanotechnology that may find use in biomedical and environmental applications. Techniques such as dynamic light scattering, small-angle x-ray scattering, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and transmission electron microscopy play a major role in the characterization of these materials.

Areas of Expertise
Organic Synthesis, Polymers, Complex Fluids, Scattering, Microscopy


  • Doctor of Philosophy - Chemistry - Louisiana State University and A&M College (2012)
  • Master of Science - Chemistry - Louisiana State University and A&M College (2009)
  • Bachelor of Science - Chemistry - GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY (2007)
  • Bachelor of Science - Chemistry - Georgia Southern University (2007)


  • "Additive-Free Synthesis of Monodispersed Gold Nanoparticles with Cyclodextrins"
    Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research
    (2017) Vol. 16 Page 10-13
  • "Preparation of Metalloporphyrin-Bound Superparamagnetic Silica Particles via “Click” Reaction."
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
    (2015) Vol. 8 Page 792-801
  • "From Repulsive to Attractive Glass: A Rheological Investigation"
    Journal of Chemical Physics
    (2015) Vol. 143 Page 234-901
  • "Coupling of Gelation and Glass Transition in a Biphasic Colloidal Mixture – From Gel-to-Defective Gel-to-Glass"
    Soft Matter
    (2015) Vol. 11 Page 8818-8826


  • "HSI-STEM: Study of Low-Cost Nanotechnology for Water Treatment" (2016)
    HCC-Central 6th Annual STEM Symposium