Dr. Lee Williames Dr. Lee Williames Vice President Emeritus, Academic Affairs; Professor, History
History Department

Dr. Lee Williames teaches European and Russian history, revolution, totalitarianism, and Ireland.


  • Doctor of Philosophy - History - State University of New York at Binghamton (1981)
  • Master of Arts - Niagara University (1966)


  • "Anton Chekhov The Iconoclast"
    University of Scranton Press (1900)
  • ""Hungary & Poland, Signs for the Nationalist to Interpret their Reality""
    Journal Of The American Semiotics Society (1900)
  • "Anton Chekhov a Tool for the Social Historian"
    Cultural History
    Athens Institute (1900)
  • "The Political Views of Anton Pavlovich Chelhov"
    Pyatigorsk State Linguistics University, Russian F (1900)
  • "Historical Insights into Achieving Peace in the North Caucasus""
    Mir V Severnom Kavkazia,
    Pyatigorsk State Linguistics University, Russian F (1900)
  • "What Entrepreneurs Want To Do Business In Russia""
    Russian Management
    Pyatigorsk State Linguistics University, Russian F (1900)


  • "Irish Nationalist Interpretation of the Russian Revolution" (2014)
    Southwestern Social Science Association Conference
  • "MacSweeney Clan expansion, migration, Land Tenure, and Last Mass Eviction in 1861 with commentary on UST research collections" (2013)
    President's Research Forum, UST
  • "The MacSweeney Military Kindred 1200-1600" (2011)
    Southwestern Social Science Conference
  • "The Gallowglass" (2010)
    South Central Renaissance Conference
  • "Hungary and Poland Signs for the Irish Nationalist" (2008)
    National Conference of the American Semiotics Society