Dr. Hans Stockton Dr. Hans Stockton Associate Vice President, International Relations & Engagement
Center for International Studies

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Dr. Hans Stockton teaches comparative politics, democratization, and East Asian history and politics. His areas of research include democratization, elections and security in East Asia.

Areas of Expertise
East Asia, Democracy, East Asian Politics, Taiwan, Korea, China


  • Doctor of Philosophy - Political Science - Texas A&M University (1998)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Political Science (BA) - Texas A&M University (1991)


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  • ""Identity, Party Identification, and Voting: Setting Cross-Strait Expectations for 2016."" (2014)
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  • "“Manufacturing Majoritarian Democracy in East Asia.”" (2010)
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  • "“Electoral Reform on Taiwan in Comparative Perspective.”" (2009)
    Conference Group on Taiwan Studies

Honors and Awards

  • Research - UST (2004)

Language Skills

  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Spanish

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