Fr. Dempsey Rosales Acosta Fr. Dempsey Rosales Acosta Tenured Professor of Theology; Director of the Center Semillero for Hispanic/Latino Theology; J. Michael Miller Endowed Chair in Catholic Studies

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Rev. Dempsey Rosales-Acosta’s areas of research include Hebrew semantics, considering the theories of cognitive semantics. The biblical exegesis from the Hebrew and Greek texts is an essential dimension of his research in order to apply the Latino/a hermeneutics in order to see the diverse echoes of the word of God manifested in the diverse loci theologici of our modern times. He can speak on Catholic theological issues: abortion, matrimony, immigration, and social justice.

Areas of Expertise
Biblical theology, exegesis, Hebrew semantics, Deuteronomistic history


  • Doctor of Sacred Theology - Biblical Studies - Pontifical Gregorian University (2009)
  • Licentiate - License in Science in Holy Scripture (SSL) - Pontifical Biblicum Institute (2004)
  • Bachelor of Theology - Theology - Pontifical Gregorian University (1998)


  • John of Apamea and Mark's Gospel
  • Lectio Divina and Pragmatic Reading
  • Hebrew Semantics of RUAH
  • Introduction to the Canonical Gospels
  • Patristic Approach to Lectio Divina


  • "Black and Brown Pauls"
    Journal of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium
    BCTS (2018) Vol. x Page 14-48
  • "Recovering the semantic connotations of the verb ’aman (?????) in Qal.”"
    Pontifical University of Salamanca (Spain) (2017) Vol. LXVII Page 123-159
  • "Re-discovering the semantics of ??? in Qal. A Cognitive Semantic Approach"
    Theologica Xaveriana
    Pontifical University Javeriana (Colombia) (2017) Vol. 67 Page 431-460
  • "Jesus and the Demons: Portraits of the spiritual Seeing in Mark's Gospel. Origen, Bonaventure and Ignatius as hermeneutic reading key of the Gospel"
    Teología y Vida
    Pontifical University of Santiago de Chile (2014) Page 15
  • "La victoria sobre el poder de la muerte. Ensayo semántico y narrativo del texto griego de Marcos 9:30-32"
    University Series
    Circulo Rojo: Sevilla (Spain) (2012) Vol. 1 Page 218
  • "Garbini, Giovanni, Letteratura e politica nell'Israele antico (Brescia: Paideia 2010)"
    Review of Biblical Literature
    Book Review
    Society of Biblical Literarture (2012) Page 3
  • "El Modus operandi lucano y paulino: Modelo teológico pastoral para una nueva evangelización. Una propuesta hermenéutica para la evangelización en las comunidades hispanas de los EE.UU."
    Editorial Academica Espanola
    EAE: Akademiker verlag (2012) Vol. 1 Page 135
  • "El espíritu del Señor en el libro de los Jueces. Estudio exegético y teológico del rûah Yhwh bajo la perspectiva deuteronomista"
    Excerpta ex Dissertatione ad Doctoratum in Facultate Theologiae
    Pontifical gregorian University (2010) Vol. 1 Page 320


  • "OT and Hispanic Hermeneutics" (2018)
    Diplomado Mater Dei
    Sponsored by USCCB and Archdiocesis of Houston
  • "Theology of Exodus" (2018)
    Knghts of St. Michael
    Sponsored by the Knighthood of St. Michael
  • "Jewish background and Theology of John 9" (2018)
    Religious Congregation CAMSVI
    Sponsored by the CAMSVI Congregation
  • "A Christian sign in a multicultural setting" (2017)
    Bronx Symposium
    Sponsored by the Archdiocese of New York
  • "The Gospel according to Mark" (2017)
    Catholic Biblical Institute LMU
    Sponsored by LMU and Archdiocesis of Los Angeles
  • "Paul, an intercultural model" (2017)
    New York Bible Summit
    Sponsored by American Bible Society
  • "Black and Brown Pauls" (2017)
    CTSA National Convention
    National Convention of Catholic Theologians
  • "Divine Revelation: Dei Verbum" (2013)
    Vatican II Series: 50 Anniversary
  • ""La crisis de los dos Evangelios en la carta a los Gálatas" / "The Crisis of the two Gospels in Gala" (2013)
    American Bible Society and New York Archdiocese
    Biblical Congress: New York Catholic Bible Summit
  • "Lectio Divina: A Patristic Exegesis (Spanish)" (2013)
    Pontifical University of Santo Domingo
  • "Biblical Vocabulary of Faith: 'mn y Pistis" (2013)
    Pontifical Seminary St. Thomas Aquinas
  • "Porta Fidei and the New Evangelization: Problem and Biblical Pastoral Proposal: "Abrir las Puertas a" (2013)
    Pontifical Seminary St. Thomas Aquinas
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