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One way UST has responded to the tremendous need created by COVID-19 is through an initiative called CeltCare. Originally created in response to Hurricane Harvey, CeltCare is implemented during unprecedented times of hardship for our campus community.

Like many people across the country, a great number of our students are feeling the effects of lost wages and worrying about their ability to continue their education due to the state of family finances.

The CeltCare Fund covers hardships such as the following:

  • Immediate support for students facing housing challenges or food insecurity.
  • Laptops and internet access to those students who will not otherwise be able to complete their coursework.
  • Funds for students who have lost wages or jobs they depend on to pay for their education and support themselves or their families.
  • Resources for students who need emergency medical and mental health services.

The needs of our students drastically outweigh the current CeltCare funds. Over 300 students have applied for CeltCare aid, but the current balance of the fund can only meet the needs of 35. If you are in a position to give and would like to do so, please consider supporting CeltCare.

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