The Library Computer Lab rules are designed to ensure legal, ethical, efficient and non-disruptive use of the Computer Center's and the University's computing resources.

ALL users must observe the following rules:

  • No food, no drink, and no smoking!
  • Please follow all posted instructions and notices, as well as any instructions given by the Lab Assistant on duty.
  • Users of the Library Computer Lab may be asked at any time to show a valid UST ID. Those without such identification will be denied access.
  • Save work periodically.  We are not responsible for any lost work.
  • Students doing course work have priority in using the computers. Other users may be asked to yield access to the computers when the lab is near capacity.
  • Do not change any desktop settings or program configurations. Customizing a computer for your personal use makes it more difficult for others to use it efficiently.
  • Do not install any software on these computers yourself.
  • Use only software already installed on the computers, or authorized course-specific software run from a diskette.
  • Always use a flash drive or recordable CD to store your files, and take the disk with you when you leave. Files on the hard drive may be deleted at any time, and you may be held liable for academic dishonesty if others copy your course work (even without your knowledge). The T-drive may also be used for temporary storage; again, note the warning concerning academic dishonesty.
  • All users shall obey the University's Computing Policy, and those users accessing network resources are expected to conform to general standards of "network etiquette." Complaints from users of either the local UST network or the Internet at large will be fully investigated.
  • Users who are seen accessing adult web sites will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Software piracy is a federal crime. Many of the software packages installed on these computers are licensed for use only within the Library Computer Lab. Do not copy the software installed on these computers for use elsewhere, and do not use software brought in from outside on these computers.
  • Do not unplug existing workstation network cables to use with laptops. 

Violators of these rules may be referred to University administration for disciplinary action, and may also face civil and/or criminal charges.