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The OIAE supports the University’s mission, values, and strategic initiatives by providing research, support and coordination in the areas of accreditation and assessment.
The mission will be achieved through:

  • Collecting, analyzing, and distributing relevant research.
  • Supporting the campus through survey research, both national or campus-wide, (NSSE, Campus and Student Satisfaction Surveys and ad hoc surveys) as well as managing the course evaluation process.
  • Coordinating a comprehensive system of Institutional Effectiveness Plans that contribute to the mission and strategic initiatives of the University.
  • Providing guidance and research support for the University assessment cycle, individual departmental outcomes, and learning outcomes.
  • Consulting with departments, programs, and schools from start to finish on research projects to ensure validity and value of data.
  • Guiding and facilitating the process of reaffirmation of accreditation and obtaining new program approval from SACSCOC.
  • Closing the assessment loop by facilitating the use of research to make informed decisions and change.
  • Overseeing the director of the QEP and ensuring its successful implementation and continuous assessment.
Annual Assessment Cycle

Annual Institutional Effectiveness (IE) plans are required by all academic and administrative departments. The annual plan template and resource guides are available on the Office of Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness website. The template is designed to mimic the cycle of ongoing improvement beginning with the previous year’s outcomes and student learning outcomes (SLOs), the assessment and results of the progress toward those outcomes and SLOs, and plans for the upcoming year. 

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