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Course Information

How do studio art courses differ from regular UST courses?
Studio art courses are not taught on this campus and meet instead at the Glassell School of Art located at 5101 Montrose Blvd., telephone 713-639-7500. Please note that these courses may not necessarily follow the same calendar as our campus courses.

If I am a returning alumnus, will the alumni tuition discount automatically apply?
Alumnus may qualify for the Alumni Continuing Education Scholarship.  The goal of the continuing education scholarship is to recognize and assist alumni who are loyal to the university and choose to continue their education at St. Thomas beyond their first degree.  Each scholarship will allow an alumnus current student the opportunity to continue their chosen bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degree program at the University of St. Thomas. Recipients must be alumni currently enrolled in another degree program from UST and may be attending the UST campus or online.

Download Application for Alumni Continuing Education Scholarship

If I am not a current student but am interested in viewing course offerings online, where can I find this information? Read the Class Schedule and Registration page. 

Does the Registrar’s Office circulate an addendum or list of closed classes?
All course listings found on myStThom are current. New courses and/or closed classes will be communicated to students via the student list serve. Most courses have a waitlist. Students placed on the waitlist will be auto-enrolled into the course once there is an opening. Waitlists are purged on the last day to add a course.

How can I view my class schedule on line? 
Registered students should have a myStThom account in place. When accessing myStThom, navigate Student Self Service > Academics > My Class Schedule.

Dean's List

Who qualifies to earn Dean's List, and does this apply to graduate students?
Refer to page 71 in the undergraduate catalogDean's List only applies to undergraduate students. Graduate students are expected to maintain a higher GPA than undergraduates, and they should always maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher.

How are students notified of earning Dean's List? 
The Registrar's Office identifies the list of students who meet the necessary criteria and places a Dean's List notation on the students' transcripts. The list is distributed to the various deans for Dean's List Certificate generation and distribution to the students.

Declaration/Change of Major

How and when should I declare my major? Change my major?
Refer to page 84 in the undergraduate catalog

After completing 29 credit hours, a student may formally declare a major by completing a Declaration/Change of Major form found on myStThom and filing it with the Registrar’s Office. A student must declare a major after completing 59 credit hours. Students who have reached 60 hours (junior status) without having declared a major will have a hold placed on their records that will prevent them from registering for classes.

Once you have declared your major, you may also change your major at any time by completing the same Declaration/Change of Major form, found in the Registrar’s Office or online. This will also require the signature of your current advisor, as well as the signature of your new advisor.

Diploma Information

When will my diploma be available?
Diplomas will be available for pickup approximately three months following the official graduation date. An email will be sent to your stthom email account once the diploma is available for pickup. 

Will my diploma be mailed to me? 
We recommend that you pick up your diploma to avoid the possibility of loss or damage. Therefore, diplomas are mailed only at the request of the graduate. If you want your diploma to be mailed, please note the following information:

  • Send your written request to the attention of the Degree Auditor. Don’t forget to sign it.
    Include your name, student ID# (or SS#), degree, date of graduation, current address and phone number.
  • Include the mailing fee. Fees are subject to change. The current fee is $20 for diplomas mailed in the U.S. and a minimum $48 fee (depending on the country) for those mailed outside the U.S. If you need to verify the cost of overseas shipping, please contact us at
  • Your diploma will be sent by USPS Express Mail, UPS, FedEx or some other shipping company, but we cannot assume responsibility for its safe arrival.

Can my parent/husband/fiancée/friend pick up my diploma for me? 
Anyone can pick up your diploma (or transcript) for you, providing we have your signed authorization and that person has a valid photo ID.

How are graduation honors (Latin honors) determined? 
Refer to page 71 in the undergraduate catalog.

Students who complete 60 hours or more at the University of St. Thomas, qualify for academic honors based on the following GPAs: Cum Laude – 3.25; Magna Cum Laude – 3.50; Summa Cum Laude – 3.75.

Students who complete fewer than 60 hours (36-59 hours) with a GPA of 3.30 or higher will earn the honor of Academic Distinction.

All honors will appear on your diploma and on your transcript.

I need a transcript to confirm my degree. When will I be able to order the transcript?
Degrees cannot be posted until all grades are posted. This process involves posting of grades, posting of the degree and the actual generation of the transcript. Therefore, you may anticipate a lengthier turnaround time for this transcript. In order to prevent further delay in this process, we recommend that you place your transcript request as early as possible (prior to the end of the term is acceptable) and indicate on the form: “hold for degree to be posted.” The request will be forwarded to the Degree Auditor who will ensure that all degree information is posted prior to the release of your transcript. Read more on how to request a transcript.

I have lost my diploma. Can I order a replacement?
You can order a replacement diploma. There is a form available from the Degree Auditor that must be notarized and returned along with a $75 fee. Please allow up to 12 weeks for the diploma to arrive.

Final Exams

May I request to reschedule my final exams?
A student who is scheduled to take more than two final examinations in one day will need to speak with their instructors to make special arrangements.

What do I do if I missed my final exam? 
There are no makeup final examinations during the semester in which they are originally scheduled. Your instructor may assign you an Incomplete or grade of “F,” at his/her discretion. Contact your instructor immediately.

Where can I obtain information on the Final Exam Schedule? 
Information is on myStThom.

General Policy

What are the criteria for probation and dismissal?
Refer to page 72 in the undergraduate catalog.

What is the policy on academic dishonesty? 
Refer to page 73 in the undergraduate catalog

How can I allow my parents or spouse regular access to my records?
You may complete the Student Consent to Release Information form (located in the Registrar’s Office and on myStThom) to indicate whom you would like to have access. This access will remain in place until you complete the same form indicating a desire to revoke access.

If I am unable to go to the University to pick up my transcript, statement of standing, diploma, etc., what must be done to authorize a family member or friend to pick this up on my behalf? 
The family member or friend must provide a written statement from you (including your signature) indicating that you are authorizing that person to perform that particular task on your behalf. The person authorized must be identified by name and that person must provide a valid photo ID to the University at the time of pickup.

What information within my records is considered public information? 
Reference the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) bullet point on the Registrar's webpage.

I have recently changed my address. How do I update my contact information with the University? 
You may complete and submit a Change of Directory Information form (obtainable in the Registrar’s Office or on myStThom) indicating this information. You may also submit a request in writing to the Registrar's Office. This request must include your signature so that we may proceed with the change.

I was withdrawn from the University for non-payment. Whom do I talk to about resolving this? 
The first step in resolving this matter is always to speak with the Student Financial Services.

I would like to contact a classmate of mine. How can I obtain this information? The Registrar’s Office and the University, in general, do not release contact information for any student. This includes address, phone number or class schedule.

How can I obtain my student identification number? 
When you are initially admitted to the University, you are assigned a student ID number by the Admissions Office. This number will be first introduced to you the first time you register for courses, and you may expect to use this number throughout your career at UST. Students who leave the University and return can still expect to use the same ID number.

How can I obtain an enrollment verification letter? 
You must complete a form requesting a Statement of Standing or Deferment Request. This form is available in the Registrar’s Office or on myStThom.


If my grade has not yet been posted online, may I contact my professor to obtain my grade?
The Registrar’s Office is the only office allowed to release grades. Faculty members are not allowed to post final grades or release them to students by any other means.

If I believe my grade is incorrect, whom do I contact? 
You are advised to review your grades carefully, since in the absence of relevant documentation, no course grades may be changed after one year following completion of the course. The student has a period of one year, beginning with the end of the term in which the grade was awarded, to challenge the accuracy of the grade. At the end of one year, the permanent record will become the absolute record, and changes may not be made. If you believe your grade to be incorrect, contact your instructor as soon as possible or the department chair if the instructor no longer teaches at UST. If the instructor finds your inquiry to be valid, the instructor is responsible for submitting a request for grade change.

How do I obtain my grades if I am having trouble with my home computer? 
There are computers available on campus for student use (located in Doherty Library and the computer lab in the basement of Robertson Hall). However, if you are having trouble with your myStThom account, in general, you may obtain a printout from the Registrar’s Office. The University does not mail out grades, nor we do relay this information via telephone.

How do I obtain information on UST’s grading system and point equivalents? Refer to page 67 in the undergraduate catalog

How can I obtain my SAT/GRE scores?
You must directly contact the Testing Center that provided your scores in order to obtain a copy. Documentation of test scores submitted to the University is University property and is not releasable.

I received an “I” (Incomplete) grade. How long do I have to complete the remainder of the work required in this class? When will the “I” be removed and a letter grade posted? What happens if the “I” grade is not removed within the prescribed time period? 
Refer to page 67 in the undergraduate catalog.

I am on company deferment and have to provide my company with final grades each semester. My company will not accept the printout via myStThom. Can I get something more official? 
The Registrar’s Office can print out your grades on University letterhead. However, you must obtain this document in person at the registration counter. The University does not mail out grades.

Graduation/Commencement Ceremony Information

Do I need to do anything in order to graduate (besides finishing my courses)?
Yes! You must file for graduation with the Degree Auditor. The deadline for filing for December graduation is October 1 (or first business day following if on a weekend), and the deadline for filing for May and August graduation is November 7 (or first business day following if on a weekend).

You can obtain the necessary forms for filing online on the Graduation page.

How do I register for commencement?                                                             If you plan to participate in commencement, you will be required to register on-line.  The on-line registration process will begin in late March; the exact date and instructions will be provided to you via your UST email account at a later date.  During the on-line registration process you will also be able to secure your guest tickets and order your cap and gown.  It is anticipated that each graduation candidate will be allowed a maximum of 5 guest tickets.  Once we have a final count of those who plan to participate, we will release any remaining tickets and you will be allowed to obtain additional guest tickets (through the on-line process).

My friends talk about wearing honor cords at graduation. What are they, and where can I get them?
Honor cords and pins are available for members of the various honor societies. If you have been inducted into an honor society, check with that society’s faculty sponsor about honor cords. Some honor societies provide the cords themselves, and some have you purchase them from the bookstore.

We have a large family. How many family members/friends can attend the commencement ceremony? 
There is no limit on the number of family members and friends who can attend either the Baccalaureate Mass and Reception on Friday evening. Due to the limited seating in the Reliant Arena, each student will be offered six tickets for the Commencement Ceremony on Saturday morning, There will be no cost for the tickets.

What do I need to wear for the commencement ceremony? 
Please read about attire on the Graduation page

I have been told I need a certain color hood for commencement. How do I 
now what color I should get? 
Please read about attire on the Graduation page.

We need to make dinner reservations for our family celebration following commencement. How long is the commencement ceremony?
The commencement ceremony may be anywhere between 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 hours long.

Immigration Questions

See the Office for International Students and Scholar Services webpages.

How do I apply for a social security card? 
Read more about Identification Information.

As an international student, what employment opportunities are available to me?
Read more about International Student Employment.

Is it true that during the summer I can work anywhere and do not need to obtain special permission?
This is FALSE! If you are in legal full-time F-1 status, you may work anywhere on-campus during the summer (full-time or part-time) but off-campus employment ALWAYS requires special permission from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or the International Student Advisor.

What do I need to do when I want to travel? 
Please note that ALL students must meet with the International Student Advisor before traveling outside the U.S. 

Students Leaving and Returning to the U.S. within five months, please bring the following documents with you:

  1. A UST International Student Travel Request form
  2. Your SEVIS I-20 form
  3. Passport and I-94 Card

We suggest that students traveling outside the U.S. carry an official copy of their most recent UST transcript. Also, if you feel you may come under increased scrutiny because of the area of the world you come from, you can request a travel letter from the International Student Office before you leave for your trip.

Students Who Will Need a New Visa to Return, please bring the following documents with you:

  1. A UST International Student Travel Request form;
  2. Your SEVIS I-20 form;
  3. Passport and I-94 Card; and
  4. An official copy of your UST transcript.

We suggest that your start the paperwork to renew your visa before returning to your country, as there have been significant delays in the issuance and renewals of visas at many U.S. embassies. Attempting to renew your visa during the one-week University Spring Break or the two-week University Winter Break is not recommended.

Students Who Plan to Travel Within the U.S.
The International Student Office advises carrying your I-94 Card, your passport and your I-20 with you. If you are not comfortable carrying your original documents, copies of your original documents should always be with you.

Can I travel while my Optional Practical Training (OPT) application is pending? 
Officially, if you have an Optional Practical Training application pending with the USCIS, you are not supposed to leave the country. If you do, the USCIS may consider this departure as an abandonment of the application. Therefore, the International Student Advisor's official recommendation is that you DO NOT travel outside of the U.S. while your OPT application is pending. If you have to travel out of the country for an emergency, the most common arrangement is to ask a trusted friend or relative in the U.S. to pick up the card for you at the International Student Office and mail it to you by courier, so that you can reenter the U.S. with all of the required documents. However, your friend/relative will have to present his/her photo ID (preferably a driver's license) along with an original letter signed by you indicating your full name, student ID number, as well as the person's full name to whom the OPT card should be delivered.

What is the difference between an I-20 and a visa? 
The SEVIS I-20 is the Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status. The purpose of the I-20 is to enable a foreign student to apply for a F-1 student visa to enter the United States to begin a program of study.

The visa is a stamp in the passport indicating (1) where the visa was issued, (2) the date the visa was issued, (3) the date the visa will expire, (4) the number of entries permitted, (5) the type of visa and (6) the visa number. Before a non-immigrant can enter the U.S., a visa must be issued at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate's Office in his/her home country. Once the visa is stamped in the passport that permits someone to apply for admission to the United States at the port of entry or the arrival terminal at all international airports. Applicants should be aware that a visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. The USCIS has authority to deny admission.

Can I stay in the United Stated with an expired visa? 
The visa stamp in your passport is an "entry document" meaning that it must be current if you wish to enter the United States. If your visa expires while you are in the United States, you are NOT out of status. However, if and when you choose to travel with an expired visa, you will need to renew your visa BEFORE you can reenter the U.S. Please see the International Student Advisor before you leave the U.S. with an expired visa.

Can I stay in the United States with an expired I-20? 
No! If an F-1 student has overstayed the authorized period on SEVIS Form I-20, he/she has failed to maintain status.

If you will not complete your course of study by the completion date listed on your I-20, you MUST apply for an extension of program with the International Student Office BEFORE the expiration date listed on your SEVIS I-20 Form. If the extension is not filed in a timely manner, you will be out of status and will have to file for reinstatement with the local USCIS office.

Is there any way to renew my visa stamp before it expires without traveling outside the U.S.? 
No. You cannot renew an F-1 student visa stamp in the U.S. Visa stamps are issued by the U.S. Department of State, and they are only issued at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate outside the U.S. The best place to renew your visa is your home country.

What is reinstatement? 
Students from time to time fall out of status. Often this comes about through an innocent misunderstanding on the part of a student. However, no matter what the cause, the USCIS says it is the responsibility of the student to maintain their legal status. The following are some of the most common reasons that students fall out of status:

  1. Failure to complete a full-time class load or its equivalent each fall and spring term.
  2. Not attending a fall or spring term and remaining in the U.S.
  3. Unauthorized employment
  4. Failure to complete a transfer of school notification with USCIS.
  5. Failure to complete a notice of change in degree level with USCIS.
  6. Failure to obtain an extension of current program in a timely fashion.

When you fall out of status you lose all of the benefits of the F-1 status. You are no longer able to work on-campus and all off-campus employment authorization is canceled. You are no longer eligible to apply for any kind of practical training. Difficulties in transferring schools will be encountered. It is also possible that you may be asked to leave the U.S.

There are only two options available to students who want to get back into legal status:
i. Apply to the USCIS for reinstatement to legal status.
ii. Leave the U.S. and reenter with a new initial entry I-20.

How do I apply for a driver's license? 
Read more about Identification Information

International Student Information

How do I apply for admission to the University of St. Thomas?
Students seeking admission to UST can visit the Admissions webpage. The office can also be contacted via phone at 713-525-3500.

If I am failing a class, is it okay to drop the class without authorization from the International Student Office?
You should not drop any class during the fall or spring semester that would cause you to drop below full-time hours (12 hours per semester for undergraduate and 9 hours per semester for graduate students) without making an appointment to see the International Student Advisor. Only the International Student Advisor can give you immigration-related authorization to drop below full-time hours. Keep in mind there are a limited number of reasons for dropping below full-time hours that are acceptable to the U.S. government.

Will I be in violation of my student status if my dean or academic advisor gives me permission to drop below full-time hours? Your dean or academic advisor may give you permission academically to drop a class, but this will not protect your student immigration status. Only the International Student Advisor has been authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to give you permission to drop below full-time hours.

Do practicums or internships that are required for my degree have to be authorized by the International Student Advisor? 
Yes. Only the International Student Advisor can help you obtain the necessary authorization.

What do I do if I am placed on academic suspension? 
As an F-1 student, if you are placed on academic suspension for the first time, you must “sit out” the next semester (i.e., you will not be permitted to register for the next semester). If your suspension occurs at the end of the spring semester, you cannot register for summer. This does not create any legal problem for an F-1 student, because you are not required to attend school during the summer. But, if you must sit out a main semester, there is an impact on your F-1 status. F-1 students, even when placed by UST on suspension, must still be a full-time student or they become illegal in the U.S. This means you must transfer to another school and register for full-time hours. Then if you are readmitted to UST, you can transfer back to UST. This means obtaining a new I-20 for the new school and a new UST I-20 when you return. If you are placed on suspension a second time, you must sit out two semesters.


As a student, what does myStThom allow me to do?
Your myStThom allows you to view and print your class schedule, grades and account balances. You can also access and print unofficial and/or advising transcripts that will reflect your progress in completing your degree. You can search the schedule of classes for a given semester and view any holds placed on your account. Online payments may also be made.

I know myStThom reflects holds on my account. How should I follow up? 
Some of the items may actually be internal notes rather than holds. We recommend that you contact the appropriate offices that have placed the “holds” to verify whether or not there is certain action required on your part. As an example, a business office hold would imply that you contact the University business office.

I cannot remember my log-in/password in order to access myStThom. 
Use the Forgot my Password link on the myStThom login page. Enter your user name and birthdate. Your password will be emailed to your UST webmail account. If you are still unable to access your account after receiving your new password, contact the UST Information Technology Hotline at 713-525-6900.

Registration Transactions

Do I need my advisor’s signature to add and drop a course?
You must obtain your advisor’s signature for all registration transactions, except for switching sections of the same class. Switching sections implies a time change and not a difference in course. Your academic advisor must be aware of all adds and drops of courses so that he/she may effectively track your progress in completing your degree requirements.

Am I allowed to change the status of a course from graded to audit in the middle of the semester? 
Change in status between audit and credit may not be made after the official last day to add or change courses or sections.

What options do I have to drop a course after the designated last day to drop courses? 
It is not possible to drop individual courses after the published drop date. However, you do have the option to withdraw completely from the term up to the last day of class. If you are receiving financial aid, always contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid regarding any changes to your schedule.

What is the procedure for withdrawing for a semester? 
A withdrawal occurs when a student is dropping all course work for a particular term. A request for withdrawal may be submitted any time up to the last day of classes by completing and submitting an add/drop form (with the withdrawal box selected). Your academic advisor should sign this form. A student on financial aid should verify his/her status prior to submitting a withdrawal form.

Can anyone take a course as pass/fail? 
Refer to page 69 in the undergraduate catalog.

Will I automatically be dropped for a course if I do not attend? 
No! As printed at the bottom of each registration form, above the student's signature: I understand that I must follow the formal ADD/DROP and WITHDRAWAL procedures of the University and that non-attendance DOES NOT automatically withdraw me from a course or from the University.

What do I do if I cannot locate my academic advisor? 
Refer to the Academic Advising webpage

If I am interested in seeking approval to enroll in a closed course, whom do I contact?
In most departments, the department chair rather than the instructor must provide approval. The Registrar’s Office can confirm if an instructor has been given that authorization.

If I am unable to register for courses at the indicated time of registration, can someone register on my behalf? 
Another person may submit a registration form on your behalf, assuming that all of the appropriate signatures are obtained (including your own). Keep in mind, however, that classes may be closed at the time of your registration. Any changes in registration will require additional advisor’s approval and your written authorization approving this person to make registration decisions on your behalf.

What do I do if my professor mistakenly dropped me for non-attendance for a course? 
Have your professor provide the Registrar’s Office with a signed, dated note indicating that the drop was requested in error, and you have been attending class. This should be done as soon as possible. Dropped students will be given a deadline each semester for follow-up.

What is the procedure for withdrawing for medical reasons? 
Like a basic withdrawal from a term, a request to withdraw for medical reasons must be received by the Registrar’s Office prior to the last day of classes. Contact the Registrar or Assistant Registrar to discuss what documentation is needed and whether or not you qualify for a medical withdrawal.

I am an ACP student. Can you process my request to drop a course or switch sections? 
All ACP registration is coordinated through the School of Education. You will need to contact that office at 713-525-3544 to verify proper procedure.

Student Records

If I repeat a course, is the original course and grade removed from my transcript?
Record of enrollment in both courses must remain, including grades earned. However, your transcript will reflect a special notation indicating that the original course is no longer included in your cumulative GPA: REPEATED–EXCLUDED FROM GPA.

How can I review what is in my permanent file? 
Refer to page 75 in the undergraduate catalog.

I have just moved, changed telephone number, email address, been married (or divorced) and want my records to reflect current information. What do I do? 
You must complete, sign and submit a Change of Directory Information form (obtainable in the Registrar's Office or on myStThom) indicating this information. For name change, please include a copy of your driver's license (with the new name), a copy of your marriage certificate or a copy of your divorce decree.

What are the differences between a statement of standing and a deferment request? 
A deferment verifies enrollment for all semesters in which the student attended UST. The statement of standing only references the one semester that the student has requested verification for and includes academic standing and GPA. The form for either enrollment verification is located in the Registrar’s Office or on myStThom.

Transcript Ordering Information

Read more on the Transcript webpage.

How do I follow up on the status of my transcript request? 
You may contact the Registrar’s Office using the contact number at the top right of this webpage or email your inquiry to We process all requests daily. However, for transcripts being mailed out, we recommend that you allow at least 10 to 15 working days to account for processing through the U.S. postal system and the internal mailing system of the recipient.

Can you fax my transcript? 
The Registrar will fax a transcript to another university or school but never to the student.

Can someone else pick up my transcript? 
Yes, the authorized person must present a signed statement from you giving authorization, as well as a valid photo ID.

Can you Federal Express my transcript? 
Yes, Federal Express charges must be prepaid, or you must supply a Federal Express account number.

How many transcripts can I order? 
There is no limit to the number of transcripts you can order.

Why is email not an option for a transcript request? 
Unfortunately, email does not allow for your written signature, which is required in order to release your records.

Can I request a transcript that only reflects some of my course work? 
The University will create and maintain a permanent transcript showing complete courses and grade-earned information for all students enrolled. This record may not be modified or selectively deleted for any reason, regardless of subsequent changes in enrollment or student status. Official transcripts requested from the Registrar’s Office will show the entire record of both undergraduate and graduate course work.

Transcript Credit Evaluation Information

What kind of courses do you accept in transfer?
We do not accept technical training courses or proficiency courses, but we do accept all academic courses in which you have earned a grade of C (2.0 GPA) or higher. These courses are evaluated to see whether they can apply to specific University core requirements, but if they do not, they will be accepted as electives.

I took college algebra and made a B+, but it is not showing on my UST transcript. Why? 
There is any number of possibilities including that it simply was overlooked in the evaluation process. Please contact the Coordinator of Academic Records-Transfer Credit to determine the problem. Also, make sure you have submitted your final transcript.

As a current UST student, what is the correct procedure for obtaining permission to take a course off-campus? 
Refer to page 70 in the undergraduate catalog.

Students must complete and submit a Transfer of Credit form prior to taking the course. The residency requirement indicates that graduating students must take their last 36 hours at UST.