Celt Login Authentication System (CLAS)


Celt login authentication system logo with Celt lion image, where the C in Celt is represented by the lion's open mouth


What is the Celt Login Authentication System (CLAS)?

The Celt Login Authentication System (CLAS) allows users to login to a variety of online services at UST including myStThom, Blackboard, Webmail and many more services with a single username and password for all CLAS enabled systems. 

What is a Celt Login ID?

Your Celt Login ID is the username that University of St. Thomas students, faculty, staff and affiliates use to access most of the University’s technology systems including UST Webmail, myStThom, Blackboard and off campus Library services. Faculty and staff will also use your Celt Login ID to access the UST network and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

For current and returning users, please note that your username is now referred to as your Celt Login ID.  You will still be required to activate your Celt Login ID and choose a new password.

How will it affect me?

You are required to activate your Celt Login ID  only once so that you can create your new secure account profile.

Remember to update all mobile and home devices that connect to UST online services with your new password – for example, if you use your mobile phone to check your UST email and/or calendar.

After activating your Celt Login ID once, you will simply use your Celt Login ID and password to login to any UST online service that displays the Celt Login Authentication System (CLAS) logo as pictured above.

For new incoming students

Your Celt Login ID (username) and Student ID number are provided upon acceptance to the University of St. Thomas.  If you do not have your Celt Login ID or Student ID number, please contact your Admissions Counselor or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@stthom.edu or 713-525-3500.  Admitted students can learn more at www.Beacelt.com.

How do I get Celt Login ID Help?

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF Viewer)

If you have questions, contact the IT Help Desk at ithelpdesk@stthom.edu or 713-525-6900.

Always remember to protect yourself online by completely closing your web browser after using any online service that requires authentication or contains personal data!