Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am having problems with my personal desktop PC or laptop. Can someone with Information Technology fix it?

Unfortunately, we cannot work on personal computers, but you can contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 713-525-6900 or to see if they can provide you with some tips for solving the problem.  We can assist you if you are having problems logging into myStThom, Blackboard or Webmail.

2) What do I do if I am faculty, staff or a student employee, and I am having problems with my UST computer?

Call the Information Technology Helpdesk at 713-525-6900 or email us at When you call or email us, provide your name, phone number, location and a brief description of the problem including any error messages that may be appearing. If you are student employee, provide the name of your supervisor.

3) What are the differences between myStThom, Blackboard, and Webmail?

myStThom allows students to access class schedules, grades, account balances, set up payment plans and register for classes. For faculty it allows access to class rosters, their students’ transcripts and the ability to enter grades.  

Blackboard is an online learning system, allowing instructors to place parts or all of their courses online and giving students continual access to learning materials.

Webmail is provided to all students, faculty and staff. Email is the official electronic communication of the University. 

4) How do I access myStThom, Blackboard and Webmail?

You can access all three systems from the University’s website, click on “myStThom (UST Portal) or directly by going to myStThom link.

5) How do I setup my accounts, or what if I forgot my password for one or all three systems?

For myStThom, go to myStThom accounts setup.
For Webmail, go to Webmail accounts setup.
For Blackboard, go to Blackboard accounts.

6) I have tried resetting one of my passwords as directed, and I am still having problems. What do I do? 

Call the Information Technology Help Desk at 713-525-6900 or email us at with a description of your problem along with your name, student ID number and birth date. If you do not know your student ID number, then call the Registrar’s office.

7) I do not like my username for accessing myStThom, Blackboard and Webmail.  Is there anyway I can have it changed?

Your new username is assigned to you based on your legal name. Information Technology cannot accept requests for specific usernames. If legal proof of a name change is on file with the Registrar’s office or Human Resources, and your official record has been changed to reflect a new legal name, you may request a username name change. Due to the integration of systems, requests will be made in between semesters.

8) I go by my middle name or a nickname, and my full name is displayed to others when I send an email. Can this be changed?

Students should contact the Registrar's office and faculty and staff should contact Human Resources to ask for your “Preferred Name” to be changed in PeopleSoft.

9) Can I buy discounted software through the University? 

Yes, contact Tony Reyna for additional information. .

10) Can I buy a computer through the University?

Dell offers an Employee Purchase Plan for St Thomas staff and faculty. You will need to get a member ID and enter it here: