Home Directories and My Documents Redirects

In order to facilitate automatic backup of important faculty and staff data, a feature in Microsoft Windows called Folder Redirection and Offline Files will be rolled out to the campus community. This simply redirects the My Documents folder (typically located at C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents) to a "personal folder" located on a network file server rather than your local "C" drive. 

My Documents - RedirectsBenefits include nightly backups of your "My Documents," the ability for laptop users to synchronize their "My Documents" and when reconnecting their computers to the campus network. Once synchronized, new and modified files will then be available for the nightly backups. Users will find computer replacement easier and worry less about local hardware failure since most University documents will be stored on the server rather than local machines. 

When your computer is setup in this manner, your “My Documents” icon will display the blue arrows of a "Pinned" folder. 

What should be stored in My Documents?

The standard disk space quota for a user's home drive is 10GB. Only business-related files should be stored in My Documents. Personal pictures, music and video files should not be stored in My Documents. Please note that the default location for many software programs to store pictures and music is within My Documents—please adjust the settings of the software to default to another location.

Home drives are created for faculty and staff only.

For further details about Folder Redirection and Offline Files, see the Frequently Asked Questions (*PDF document) .

For directions on how to connect your MAC to your My Documents Redirects, see Home Directories for MAC (*PDF document).

If you have questions, please email the IT Help Desk.

* Download the Free Adobe PDF Reader.