Webmail Settings for Your Mobile Devices

Below, are the settings/instructions you will need to set up Webmail on your iphone and Android OS.

IMAP settings:
Incoming: mail.stthom.edu
Outgoing: smtp.stthom.edu


  1. From the settings menu, click on Mail, Contacts Calendars.
  2. Select Add account.
  3. The Add account screen, select other.
  4. Select Add mail account.
  5. The New account screen, please enter your account information,
  6. Select IMAP, and enter server information, incoming server: Mail.stthom.edu and outgoing server: smtp.stthom.edu
  7. Select next, then it verifies your account. Your setup should be complete.


  1. Click on the email icon from your menu.
  2. Select accounts by bringing up the screen options menu.
  3. Bring up the screen options menu, click on add account.
  4. Enter email address and password, push next.
  5. Select IMAP.
  6. All information should be populated. Please correct the IMAP server to mail.stthom.edu and select SSL for the security type. Select next.
  7. Correct the smtp server setting to smtp.stthom.edu, select next.
  8. Choose inbox check frequency, and select next.
  9. Name account.
  10. Select done.​

Blackberries are slightly different with their setup.

  1. From the home screen, click on Setup (sometimes called Setup Wizard).
  2. Click Email Setup.
  3. Click Set up another email account.
  4. Click Other.
  5. Under Email address enter your username@stthom.edu email. Under Password enter your University of St Thomas password. Click Continue.
  6. At this point the phone should notify you that the setup is complete. Click on Close.
  7. Go back into the Email Setup wizard.
  8. Highlight your username@stthom.eduemail and press your Blackberry menu button. Click Edit.
  9. Click Advanced Options to expand them and under Email Server change the value to mail.stthom.edu.
  10. Click Save at the bottom.
  11. At this point the Blackberry may ask you to validate the email. Reinput your University of St Thomas password and click Validate.
  12. The email will now appear on the home screen. Please note, the Blackberry can take up to 20 minutes before it starts receiving your new emails.

**Your phone should automatically default to a port, most phones will not ask you for one. If you are prompted, please enter port number 587

These are suggested settings. For help with your individual mobile device / cell phone please contact your service provider or device manufacturer for additional support.