Labs and Classrooms Overview and Guidelines

Computer Labs
UST has one general-use lab open to all students located in the basement of Doherty Library.  Several departments also have their own computer labs for use by their students: Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Studies, Modern and Classical Languages, Psychology, Mathematics, International Studies, Thomistic Studies and Communications. Also, Guinan Hall and Augustine Hall have computer labs for use by their residents.

The Doherty Library also has computers in the lobby available to the public and students. 

Printers—The Doherty Library Computer Lab has one HP LaserJet black and white printer and one HP Color LaserJet for use by the UST community. The public area also has black and white printers available for use. There is a charge of 10 cents per printed page for black and white, and 20 cents per page for color. Printing must be paid for in advance by accessing your Uniprint account with your UST ID card. 

For assistance in using this system, help is available from the Lab Assistant on duty or at the front counter of library. Without an ID or visitor print card, you cannot access funds added to your account and, hence, cannot release any print jobs from the print queue to the printers. Visitor print cards may be purchased from the library for $1; otherwise, you must have your UST ID card.

Most of the UST classrooms have integrated Instructional Technology, commonly known as “Smart Rooms,” ranging from simple projection systems to sophisticated ones with touch panel control for audio, video and lighting. In most rooms with integrated technology, the equipment is controlled via the computers located on the instructor podiums. Any computers in classroom podiums or meeting rooms are for instructor use only or by special permission from the IT department.

Any of the classrooms equipped with student computer workstations are for classroom use and only during class times.  These rooms are Doherty 029, Doherty 030, Malloy 019 and O'Rourke 104.

The Malloy Computer Lab in the Doherty Library and the classrooms on campus are maintained by Media Services of the Instructional Technology Services Department.


Classroom Technology

Most of the classrooms at UST have integrated classroom technology, commonly known as “Smart Rooms” —  call Media services at 713-525-6900 to determine if your classroom is one of them.

Integrated Technology includes (some rooms may vary):

  • Projector and Projection Screen
  • VCR Player or DVD/VCR Combo Player
  • All integrated classrooms will have either an overhead projector or a document camera — please call Media services to determine which is in your classroom.
  • Microsoft Windows Computer with:
    • CD-RW Drive 
    • DVD Drive (in classrooms without a DVD/VCR Combo Player)
    • USB Ports 
    • Microsoft Office
    • QuickTime Player
    • Real Player
    • Adobe Reader
    • Additional software as needed — please call Media Services to request or verify that the software and the version you need is available and installed. 
  •  Laptop Input — allows you to use your laptop with the projection system (some rooms)
  • S-video Auxiliary Input (some rooms)

Every Smart Room has a telephone so you can call Media Services at x6900 in case of technology issues in the class.

You can also call the Information Technology Helpdesk at 713-525-6900 for support, if needed. They can contact someone from Media Services to assist you.

Media Services is available:
Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.