Security & Protection

Welcome to the University of St. Thomas Information Technology Security website. This site provides the UST community with resources to maintain the security of information and describes the technology we use to manage it.

In this age of electronic intrusion and theft, the University must protect its intellectual and administrative electronic information. Each individual and each organizational unit plays an important role in safeguarding University information resources.

Please read the University's Responsible Use of Computing Policy. All users of the University of St. Thomas network must abide by this policy.

What Is Cyber Security?

It seems that everything relies on computers and the Internet now — communication (email, cellphones), entertainment (digital cable, mp3s), transportation (car engine systems, airplane navigation), shopping (online stores, credit cards), medicine (equipment, medical records) and the list goes on. How much of your daily life relies on computers? How much of your personal information is stored either on your own computer or on someone else's system?

Cyber security involves protecting that information by preventing, detecting and responding to attacks.
(Source: US-Cert - Cyber Security Tip ST04-001)