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Keeping the story alive when the storytellers are no longer with us”

The Archives of the University of St. Thomas had its beginning in 1975.  A committee of alumna and friends of the University, with Eileen Yeager chairing this endeavor, met twice a week for five years, working the papers of Fr. Vincent Guinan, the first president, and other documents pertaining to the story of the University.

Today, the Archive serves as the repository of those historically valuable materials which document the origins, activities and achievements of the University.   Rows of gray boxes are filled with these documents from the president’s office, other administrative offices, departments, faculty, organizations; photographs; publications; scrapbooks, etc., which have been processed according to archival principles and made available for research purposes.

A collection of memorabilia can be found in the ‘Heritage Room’ located in the Archives.  On display can be found such items as a Hermann Miller chair; the coffee table from the Link Lee Mansion; basketball and cheerleader sweaters; the crown and scepter of the early Mardi Gras events; a 1951 class ring, just to name a few.

On display throughout the campus are photographs that tell the story of the University.  The photographic displays can be found in the following buildings:  Doherty Library, Anderson Hall, Robinson Hall, Malloy Hall, Cullen Hall, Murphy Hall, Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center, Link Lee Mansion (first chapel).

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Most of Doherty Library’s main book collection starting with “G” call numbers are in an offsite storage facility. 

Use this form to request books in storage which has a processing time of 1-3 business days.  For more than three (3) books, please email the

If the book is not picked up after two (2) weeks, it will be returned to the original location.

Each semester Doherty Library must update your address & phone number in the system to serve you better. Please take an extra minute to include your current information so we may update our records.

Book Request Form

The Cardinal Beran Library is a central resource for learning and research in theological scholarship for the School of Theology at St. Mary's Seminary. Serving also as a resource for the Catholic clerical, religious and lay ecclesial ministries of the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese, the library provides resources useful in enriching the academic, pastoral, spiritual and personal skills of the communities it serves.

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SciFinder provides information for biomedical, chemical, and chemistry-related research. Options include searches by chemical structures, reagents/reactants, and/or functional groups. SciFinder searches Chemical Abstracts and Medline.

We now have unlimited access to SciFinder database either on or off-campus through the Doherty Library database web page.

Users must register with CAS through this link:

SciFinder login


For help with technical issues, contact:

Loan Nguyen, Electronic Resources Librarian
For help with content and search-related issues, contact:

Reference Desk
phone: 713-525-2188

Use this guide to gain access to resources, information and research help at Doherty Library.

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This guide provides information and instructions on how to use RefWorks, a research/citation management tool.

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Need help? Let one of our outstanding librarians assist you.

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Use this form to request journal-in-print which has a processing time of 1-3 business days..  We will email you when your request is available at the circulation desk. We can scan and email your requested article, or you bring your ID to check out journals.  Journals are for in-library use only. 

If the periodical is not picked up after two (2) weeks, it will be returned to the original location.


Learn more about how Doherty Library can assist with instruction and support of teaching.

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You must be a current UST faculty, staff, or student and use your UST e-mail address when submitting your reservation. 

Please fill out a form to help us improve our service at the library.

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Welcome to the Doherty Library. Whether you are a student or faculty member here at the University of St. Thomas, or a visitor to the campus, you are welcome to explore the varied strengths of our library collections.

For visitors, see our library entrance policy.  With over 270,000 books and access to 75,000 periodical titles, and subscriptions to over 200 databases, the Doherty Library is a major learning resource for students, faculty and the Houston community.

We hope that you find the Doherty Library more than adequate in fulfilling your research and academic needs.


Doherty Library Entrance Policy

UST students, staff, faculty, alumni and ELS students must have either current UST ID or current ELS ID to be allowed access to the Doherty Library.  

Visitors (not UST or ELS students) must present 2 forms of ID:

A government issued photo ID (State ID, Passport, or military ID) and one of the following:

  • Current university alumni ID
  • Current Friends of the Doherty Library card
  • Current TexShare card
  • Current photo ID’s from another university or school
  • Current teacher ID
  • Current work ID (example: Oil Company ID such as Shell, Exxon, etc... or medical center ID)

All ID's must meet the following criteria:

  1. Current – this means they must have dates on them to prove that they are not expired
  2. Valid – only the kinds of ID’s listed above are considered valid forms of ID for entry to the library
  3. Photo – they must have a photo of the person presenting the ID.

Guest scholars (visiting professors, etc.) and school groups are welcome and should see the Dean of libraries, or librarian for more information.

Guest scholars will need a letter from a UST faculty member/administrator that asks us to grant access to a guest.  The letter needs to state what the specific research will be and how long the guest needs to use the library.  An e-mail is sufficient, but a letter is preferred.

Family members related to UST students can be admitted to the Doherty Library whenever they are accompanied by the UST student, faculty or staff member.  Family members not accompanied by the related UST student will be required to present two photo identification.

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If you would like to make a gift to the Doherty Library, please contact the Dean of Libraries:

Jim Piccininni


Doherty Library – General Use Policy

Resources at the Doherty Library are primarily intended for scholarly use.

Creating a disturbance of any kind, (including, but not limited to, loud noise, loud talking, harassment or abusive behavior toward other patrons or library staff, vandalism, carrying a weapon, smoking, inappropriate behavior, viewing pornography or sexually explicit material, inadequate personal hygiene, soliciting, unauthorized petitions or surveys, unauthorized entry to private or closed areas, unauthorized recordings, etc.) are not allowed and will result, at minimum, in your removal from the library.

For serious or repeated violation of the general use policy, you will be banned from future use of the library.

 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

 The Doherty Library will follow ADA requirements for automatic door entrances, aisle width, suitably wide doors, restroom requirements, door handles and other ADA requirements as needed in an academic library.  Specialized software and workstations will be installed at the library for the visually impaired and other ADA-related conditions as required by law.

Computer Use Policy

The library computers are primarily intended for scholarly use only. 

Viewing pornography and sexually explicit materials is prohibited for all users.  Failure to abide by this policy will result in your removal from the library and may result in being banned from the library.

The library computers are not intended for non-scholarly uses such as computer games, music videos, and excessive e-mail and chat and you may be asked to cease these activities.  Refusal to abide by this policy may result in your removal from the library, and will result in the intervention of UST Police as appropriate.

The computers in the library basement computer lab are restricted to University of St. Thomas students, faculty and staff use only.

Children in the Library

Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while using the Doherty Library.  Children cannot be monitored and supervised by the staff; therefore the safety of unattended children cannot be guaranteed.  UST Police will be called to resolve incidents involving unsupervised children under age 14.

Cell Phone Usage in the Library

Cell phone use is permitted in the Library; however, please be respectful of your fellow library users by following these guidelines:

  • Set your phone to silent or vibrate.
  • If you must answer or make a call, please speak in a low voice and, if the call will last for more than a few minutes, exit the building.

Designated “Silent Areas” are found in the Silent Reading Room, located on the first floor, east-wing; and also the first floor west-wing book stack area.  Cell phones should not be used in these areas.

Special Accommodations

Here at Doherty library we respect each individual patron as our guest and if you have a need for a special accommodation or have a special circumstance that you would like us to be aware of please contact a librarian at the reference desk or a circulation desk manager.  If your request does not infringe on anyone else’s library use we will try to accommodate your request. 

We are always interested in hearing your comments and concerns. You can email the library Dean Jim Piccininni at

Copyright Notice

Copyright infringement may lead to serious legal and financial consequences.  Library materials may be subject to the copyright law for purpose of preservation, scholarship, or research only.  No reproduction, distribution, display, or performance is authorized.

Copies of copyrighted works should include proper attribution and copyright notices.

Additional Policies

No self-propelled or electronic vehicles are allowed to be stored in the library foyer, or anywhere inside the library.  Patrons are encouraged to use the bicycle rack located outside the front of the library to store these vehicles.  

No animals or pets are allowed in the library.  The one exception to this policy is for patrons with vision impairments that require assistance from guide dogs.

Limited food and beverages for individual use are permitted.  Food and beverages for large groups are not permitted.  Exceptions may be made by the library staff in advance.

Furniture, such as arm chairs, study desks, tables, easels, whiteboards,  etc. may not be moved from their positions so that they block walkways, doorways, emergency exits, fire alarms, or anywhere that will disrupt library patrons and processes. 

Memorial and Gift Book Program for the Doherty Library

Here is your opportunity to make a lasting gift or memorial. You can support the academic needs of the University for decades to come. Your decision to sponsor the cost of a book for the Doherty Library is a lasting, useful and very affordable donation. It will be appreciated for its thoughtfulness by both the person receiving the gift and by our library patrons. What is the cost of your generosity? A book sponsorship will cost $ 50 per hardcover book. A specific book title can be requested, but the cost to obtain a specific book will be determined on a title-by-title basis.

A sponsorship costs $ 50 per book if the library selects the book. The library will notify both the sponsor and the person receiving the gift when the sponsored book is added to the library collection. Simply mail your payment along with the sponsorship form to the Doherty Library.

If you would prefer to select a specific book for sponsorship, mail this form to the Doherty Library without payment and someone from the library will contact you about the cost. Keep in mind that only books that support the UST curriculum are acceptable.

Four easy steps to complete your sponsorship:

  • Print out the Sponsor a Book form.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Make checks payable to the “University of St. Thomas”.
  • Mail your Sponsor a Book form and your payment to:

Dean of Libraries
University of St. Thomas
Doherty Library
3800 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77006

Doherty Library Vision Statement

The Doherty Library has the strongest commitment to cultivate the life of the mind and imparting knowledge to students that will instill a love for truth and promote intellectual discipline.

Library Mission Statement

The University has the strongest commitment to the religious, moral and intellectual formation of the whole person. To support this commitment, the mission of the Doherty Library is to acquire, make readily available, and promote the use of print and electronic information resources in accordance with the diverse academic needs of the University. The library also supports teaching and research activities by providing instruction in finding, evaluating and using scholarly resources.  In all of its activities, the library will support the core values of the University: goodness, discipline, knowledge and community.

Peggy Shiffick Endowed Environmental Studies Collection

In 1996, the Peggy Shiffick Endowed Environmental Studies Collection in the Doherty Library was established to create a collection of material to support the Environmental Studies Program at the University of St. Thomas. Books purchased by this endowment are identified by a bookplate placed on the inside cover of the volumes acquired for the collection. For more information about this collection, visit:  

Sally S. Slick and William T. Slick, Jr. Endowed Collection in Business Ethics

In 1996, the Sally S. Slick and William T. Slick, Jr. Endowed Collection in Business Ethics was established to create a collection of material in the Doherty Library to support the Center for Business Ethics and the Cullen Trust Endowed Chair in Business Ethics at the University of St. Thomas. Books purchased by this endowment are identified by a bookplate placed on the inside cover of the volumes acquired for the collection. The material is shelved throughout the Doherty Library collection.

L. Tuffly Ellis Collection Endowed Fund

In 1997, the L. Tuffly Ellis Collection Endowed Fund was established to support the “Ellis Collection of Texas, the South and the Southwest” in the Doherty Library at the University of St. Thomas. This collection contains more than 1,500 titles and is housed in the basement level of the Doherty Library.

Greenwood Endowment for Children’s Literature

Established in the 1970’s, the Greenwood Endowment supports the acquisition of material in children’s literature and other materials in the general areas of education and human development related to the curricula offered by the School of Education. The Greenwood Children’s Literature Collection is located in the children’s literature section of the main collection of the Doherty Library. Other material that is not children’s literature is shelved throughout the library collection.

If you would like to make a gift to the Doherty Library, please contact the Director of the Library:

Jim Piccininni


The University of St. Thomas is proud to invite you to join The Friends of Doherty Library. Your membership is good for one year from the date your Friends card is issued.

As a member of the Doherty Friends, you will receive:

  • The satisfaction of supporting Doherty Library and the educational mission of the University of St. Thomas.
  • Your personal Doherty Library card, which provides free borrowing privileges for up to 4 books at a time from the main circulating collection. (Interlibrary loan and special collections are not included.)
  • Invitations to cultural and social events sponsored by the Friends of Doherty Library.
  • Notification of Doherty Library's annual book sale.

The Friends of Doherty Library also sponsors a program which encourages gifts in honor of special individuals and occasions and in memory of the deceased. Such gifts are lasting tributes and memorials. Special bookplates imprinted with the name of the individual being honored or remembered and of the donor are placed in the chosen books. A copy of the bookplate will be sent to the honoree or to the bereaved family.

Levels of Membership:

Benefactor $250
Patron $125
Sponsor of Doherty Library $60
Memberships are valid for one year from the date issued.


Doherty Library at the University of St. Thomas
James Piccininni, Dean of Libraries - (713) 525-2180
3800 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX 77006

Doherty Library

Friends of the LibraryIn 1954, students at the University of St. Thomas demonstrated their support for the University library by forming a human chain to move the collection from its first home in the Link-Lee Mansion to Murphy Hall.

Today, the collection is housed in the Robert Pace and Ada Mary Doherty Library on the University academic mall, symbolizing the Library’s continuing centrality to the intellectual life of the University. With more than 250,000 books, access to approximately 50,000 periodical titles, and access to a variety of electronic databases, Doherty Library is a major learning resource for students, faculty and the Houston community.

Library StacksAs the University of St. Thomas continues to meet the challenges of the 21st century, the Library must expand to serve the needs of an increasingly complex society.

By becoming a member of The Friends of Doherty Library, you can play a key role in the Library's growth and development. The Friends of Doherty Library make a commitment to strengthen the Library through the giving of time, financial and in-kind support, and the maintenance of the Library as a forum for a shared interest in the world of letters.

Take a look at all the features that Doherty Library has available for you.

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