Committee Overview

Campus Sustainability: Clarence Sirmons The University of St. Thomas Sustainability Committee was created by the University provost in summer 2014 and met for the first time in fall 2014. The committee is charged with unifying, coordinating and progressing sustainability programming on campus. To achieve this, the committee includes members from all areas of campus life, including faculty, staff and administrators.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to fulfill God’s call for us to be good stewards of creation by fostering a UST campus that exhibits sustainability through education, discussion and action.

Committee Members
  • Gabriel Borja – Student Representative
  • Shundeez Faridifar – Residence  Life and Conference Housing
  • David Garcia – Information Technology
  • Maury Harris – Faculty, Environmental Science & Studies
  • Theresa Heard - Political Science and History
  • Megan Jarchow - Business Office
  • Mohammad Khan – Council of Clubs
  • Diego Lagos – Student Government Association
  • Rick LeBlanc – Facilities & Operations
  • Elmer Ledesma – Faculty, Chemistry
  • Sean Manbode – Aramark, Dining Services
  • Darnell Miller – Marketing Communications
  • Erin Novak – Tri Beta Representative
  • Amanda Villanueva - Student Affiars
  • Crystal Young – Faculty, Chemistry

If you would like more information about the committee or would like to present or participate, please contact

Green Tips
  • Did you know that we create about 100 pounds of metal waste at UST every week? Since aluminum can be recycled infinitely, make sure you always locate a recycling bin for your cans and metal waste.
  • Every day at UST we generate about 100 pounds of plastic waste; that’s enough to fill up 5 curb-side trash carts! You can help cut down on plastic waste by buying a reusable water bottle or by simply refilling your plastic bottles at the water bottle refilling stations located around campus.
  • Every day at UST, over 100 pounds of food goes uneaten and into the trash. A recent waste audit revealed that much of our food waste is in unopened packages. Seek out a local food pantry such as Catholic Charities on 2900 Louisiana St. to donate unneeded packaged food.

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