Aquinas Lecture Series

Aquinas Lecture Series
Each year, the Center for Thomistic Studies’ Aquinas Lecture brings a distinguished member of the philosophical community to the University of St. Thomas for a talk which displays the great resources of the Thomistic philosophical tradition, either by addressing a subject directly related to the writings of St. Thomas or some other figure in the tradition, or by addressing more systematically a question of enduring philosophical importance. Among the Aquinas Lecturers the Center has had the privilege of hosting are such renowned thinkers as Henry Veatch, Joseph Owens, Elizabeth Anscombe, Peter Geach, Janet Smith, Alasdair MacIntyre, Germain Grisez, Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Msgr. John F. Wippel, Fr. Leo J. Elders, SVD, and Archbishop J. Michael Miller.

Aquinas Lecture Series Videos

2018 – Fr. Stephen L Brock, "Aquinas's Shortest Way to God's Existence, and How Darwinism Fits Within It."

2017 – Fr. James V. Schall, S.J., Is Intelligence Impractical? Reflections of a “Rigid” Thomist

2016 – Dr. John Haldane, The Mind and the Soul: Aquinas, Anscombe and Geach

2015 – Professor Rémi Brague, Aquinas’ Doctrine on Providence and Its Current Relevance

2014 – Fr. Lawrence Dewan, OP, Thomas Aquinas, Wisdom and Human Dignity: Philosophy and Beyond

2013 – Fr. Kevin Flannery, S.J., The Capacious Mind of St. Thomas Aquinas

2012 – Dr. Matthew Levering, Romans 1:20 and Our Natural Knowledge of God

2011 – Thomistic Personalism: A Marriage Made in Heaven, Hell, or Harvard? by Dr. Peter Kreeft

2010 – The Church’s “Common Doctor”: Thomas Aquinas and the Contemporary Catholic University by Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB

2009 – Fr. Leo Elders, “The Ripest Fruit”: Aquinas as Commentator on the Letters of St, Paul.

2008 – Thomas Aquinas and The Controversy Concerning Unity of Substantial Form in Human Beings by Msgr. John F. Wippel

2007 – Practical Reasoning After the “Fall” by Dr. John M. Rist

2006 – The Apologetics of Thomas Aquinas by Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J.

2005 – The Restless Heart Blunder by Dr. Germain Grisez

2004 – The Texture of Being: Paths of Action, Compass of Discourse by Dr. Kenneth Schmitz

2003 – “Why Aquinas Thinks Natural Sex is Best,” Dr. Janet Smith

2002 – “Agents, Actions, and the Ultimate Human End,” Alasdair MacIntyre

2001 – “Thomism in Early Colonial Philosophy in Mexico,” Rev. Mauricio Beuchot, OP

2000 – “What Sensations Won’t Tell You About Individuals,” Dr. Robert Wood

1999 – “Christian Freedom and Compulsive Behavior,” Rev. Romanus Cessario, OP

1998 – “Augustine, Abelard, Aquinas, and the Problem of Evil,” Rev. Leo Sweeney, SJ

1997 – “Practical Truth,” Rev. Brian Davies, OP

1996 – “The Modeling of Nature,” Rev. William A. Wallace, OP

1995 – “Thomas Aquinas: Harsh Teachings on Heretics,” Dr. Michael Novak

1994 – “The Abolition of Natural Law from the Human Heart,” Dr. Peter Kreeft

1993 – “Thomistic Personalism and Today’s Families,” Dr. Mary Rousseau

1992 – “Practical Truth,” Dr. Elizabeth Anscombe; “Knowledge, Belief, Certainty and Testimony,” Dr. Peter Geach

1991 – “The Pagan Basis for the Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas?” Dr. Ralph McInerny

1990 – “The Contemporary Relevance of the Social Thought of Aquinas in Europe and Latin America,” Dr. Paul Sigmund

1989 – “A Major Problem about Religious Belief,” Dr. Thomas Sullivan

1988 – “Contemporary Scientists,” Rev. Albert Moraczewski, OP

1987 – “Aquinas and the Theology of the Body,” Rev. Benedict M. Ashley, OP

1986 – “St. Thomas Aquinas: His Good Life and Hard Times,” Msgr. Edward A. Synan

1985 – “Aquinas and Action at a Distance,” Dr. Francis J. Kovach

1984 – “St. Thomas and American Law,” Rev. Robert J. Henle, SJ

1983 – “Voluntariness and the Insanity Plea,” Dr. Vernon Bourke 1982 – “Aquinas and Ideology,” Fr. Joseph Owens, CSsR

1981 – “Toward a Christian Philosophy of the Humanities,” Dr. Henry Veatch

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The Center for Thomistic Studies at the University of St. Thomas is the only graduate philosophy program uniquely focused on the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas in the United States. The Center is founded on the Church’s insistence of the perennial value of the thought of Aquinas as the new millennium proceeds.
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