Intro - UST MAX​Texas is growing fast, outpacing much of the rest of the country, and within Texas, Conroe is outpacing everyone. When city officials reached out to UST about bringing UST MAX to Montgomery County, it was a prospect well worth exploring.

After much research, UST is making that dream a reality, and starting off in a new and innovative way. UST MAX is centrally located on the town square and will offer the opportunity for UST and Conroe to grow together through online programs and community engagement.

What Is UST MAX?

What Is UST MAX?​UST MAX will serve several purposes, all with the same objective – to leverage a small footprint to expand the reach of UST’s mission and educational programs while helping Montgomery County grow. The best way to understand how UST can successfully accomplish that is by getting to know the community. The 1,500 square-foot Micro-Campus will serve as a location to engage with Conroe through a variety of info-sessions and community events. These will center around existing online programs, veteran engagement events, athletics exhibitions, music events and much more. Through these events, residents will get a chance to learn about and enroll in our existing online programs, and we will learn what additional programs might have the greatest impact on their lives and careers. The space will also serve as an outpost for alumni who live in the area and for UST fundraising events.

Online Programs At UST MAX

The following online programs will be offered at the UST MAX campus in Conroe.

The Center for Faith and Culture at UST offers graduate-level programs that transform students by immersing them in the historical, cultural, and theological patrimony of the Catholic Tradition, so that they will go out into the dominant American culture and leaven it with the Good News.

Programs offered:

  • Master of Arts in Faith and Culture (2-year, 36 credit hours for


  • Graduate Certificate (1-year, 18 credit hours for completion)

This program is valuable for those seeking meaning, looking to fulfill their calling, or for personal development.

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Real Theology

  • Faithful To The Magisterium
  • Deep In Tradition
  • Ordered To Contemplation

Divine Revelation, the intellectual pursuit of truth, prayer, and wisdom all converge in the science of theology. Real theology means a deep immersion in the tradition—Patristic, medieval and modern—that is both intellectually rigorous and always faithful to the magisterium.

Real Leadership

  • Guide People To Truth
  • Defend The Faith
  • Deepen Your Spirituality

Lay leadership has often been misunderstood in recent decades as functional and hierarchical. As Pope Benedict states, however, the mission of laity in the Church is primarily spiritual, intellectual, and evangelical. Laypeople are enjoined to lead people to the truth of Christ.

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The Master of Education Program at the University of St. Thomas is designed to develop master classroom teachers, instructional specialists and school leaders who demonstrate the ability to translate and apply educational research in instructional settings. In addition, the Counselor Education Program prepares professional counselors for both school and non-school settings.

Programs offered at UST MAX:

  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Educational Diagnostician w/Certificate
  • Educational Leadership with Principal Certificate
  • School Counselor Education w/Certificate

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If you’re ready to advance your nursing career and increase your earning potential, consider the UST Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. With UST’s unique focus on holistic healing, you’ll learn how to engage with a patient’s body, mind and spirit to care for the whole person.

Tailored for working nurses, UST’s MSN program is flexible. With fulltime and part-time degree plan options, you can complete the MSN in 2-3 years while still working a full-time job.

Simulation labs will be held at UST’s state of the art Center for Science and Health Professions.

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An associate degree offers a wonderful opportunity to set yourself up for success in a growing career field. While it can take 4 years or longer to earn a bachelor’s degree, you can earn your associate degree within 2 years. You’ll complete the program empowered with skills for rewarding jobs cybersecurity, electronic technology and networking technology. Highlights of UST’s associate programs include:

  • 100% online programs give you the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere
  • Programs are geared toward technology careers with increasing demand for workers
  • Houston is a growing tech hub, a top 10 U.S. city for computer, engineering and information architecture jobs
  • Great preparation for transition into a 4-year bachelor’s degree program
  • Elite associate degree from a well-regarded private university
  • On-campus amenities for local students

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Are you ready to be a witness to the whole truth about God and the human person? Are you eager to meet the challenges of life today in the Church and in society through a strong faith and bold use of reason? Follow the path of Saint John Paul II! If you are a faith formation director, Catholic educator, or a professional seeking to integrate faith and reason, the University of St. Thomas MA in John Paul II Studies or Certificate in John Paul II Studies provides the program for you.


  • An interdisciplinary study of the thought of John Paul II using philosophy, theology, literature and history
  • A comprehensive study of his thought, using all 14 of his encyclicals
  • A capstone course with the opportunity to follow the footsteps of St John Paul II in his native Poland

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MCTM is a one-year online program that fast-tracks its students through a rigorous curriculum and provides a robust understanding of the biotechnology industry as well as the business, marketing, and regulatory skills necessary for a career in this field.

Though the majority of the program is completed through online modules, students are provided ample opportunity for in-person training, networking, and professional development through the university.

Participants of the MCTM program are required to attend three residency periods – the first in Houston, the second as part of an international study abroad program, and the final for the annual BIO International Convention.

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You want to make a positive impact in the world, contribute to the public good and help people rise to their best.

The Master of Public Policy & Administration degree is ideal for highly motivated and ambitious students like you who want to make a difference. You can feasibly complete your MPPA in one year. And no other graduate program in this field focuses so heavily on ethics and public service.

Mastering the challenges of public policy making and public administration with an MPPA from UST will give you the skills and confidence to make a real difference in your world, your community and your life.

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Advance in the ever-growing nursing field with an MSN degree. Experienced nurses who hold an associate degree while meeting graduate-level admissions standards can enroll in the RN-to-MSN program.

The Graduate Nursing Student Success Center offers mentorship and guidance specifically for nursing students on how to balance work and graduate coursework, and how to develop professionally.

Simulation labs will be held at UST’s state of the art Center for Science and Health Professions.

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The 21-hour certificate program in Chemical Dependency Counseling prepares graduates to serve the community as Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Interns (LCDC-Interns). The certificate program will facilitate the growth and development of an increased number of LCDC-Interns and LCDC professionals in Texas.

These professionals will help to meet the needs of Texas communities and citizens struggling with addiction and addiction-related mental health issues. Many communities across Texas, and nationwide, continue to grapple with substance-use and related issues that significantly impact members of the community.

Graduates of the certificate program will meet the educational and practical requirements of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Regulatory Services Division for eligibility for LCDC-Intern licensure.

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