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Honors Program Admissions

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Students in Earthman GardenHonors Program Eligibility Requirements

Honors Program students are usually selected from the class of incoming freshmen. Admission is limited and competitive; candidates are advised to apply during the fall semester of their senior year in high school. To be considered for admission to the Honors Program, a student must do the following:

  1. Complete the University of St. Thomas admissions application and
  2. Arrange for an interview with the Honors Program.

The minimum standards for admission to the program are as follows:

  • GPA > 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Top 15 percent of graduating class
  • SAT score > 1220 (verbal and math) or ACT score > 27
  • Honors interviews and faculty evaluations

Honors Program Admissions Process


All interested students must submit the University of St. Thomas admissions application, which will also serve as an application to the Honors Program.

Invitation to Interview

Applicants who meet the Honors Program requirements outlined above will be contacted by the Office of Admissions and, if interested, scheduled for an interview session.

Interview Sessions

The Honors Interviews are held on the University campus, usually in December and February. Interviewees need attend only one of these interview sessions.

The Interview is divided into two parts:

  1. The Director of the Honors Program begins by giving a brief overview of the program.
  2. Interviewees then divide into discussion groups that are meant to imitate an Honors seminar. Seated around a table, interviewees engage in a discussion moderated by a faculty member who teaches in the Honors Program. The discussion is based on a set of readings drawn from texts that are studied in Honors classes. These readings are distributed in advance to interviewees, who are asked to read and analyze them prior to the interviews, focusing especially on the issues at stake and the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments of the author. Faculty moderators may enter the discussion to pose questions, raise objections and introduce additional perspectives. Each interviewee is expected to participate thoughtfully in the conversation.

After the conclusion of the interviews, faculty moderators submit to the Director an assessment of each interviewee’s suitability for the program, as part of his or her overall portfolio. Each applicant’s portfolio is reviewed and a decision is made concerning admission to Honors. Approximately 20 students (some years more, some years fewer) are admitted to the freshman class; some students might be waitlisted. All applicants are notified of the status by May 1.