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In Self-Help Age, Honors Class Asks if Happiness is Real

In Self-Help Age, Honors Class Asks if Happiness is Real

The graduating class of UST's Honors Program presented its research on the topic “Is Your Happiness Real?” at the UST Research Symposium on April 10 in Jones Hall. Their research, acquired through service-learning, and independent and class research, compares the Thomistic ideal of happiness with contemporary ideals. Read more

Motto of the Honors Program

Maius Est Illuminare Quam Lucere Solum: It Is Better To Illuminate Than To Shine

The Honors Program at the University of St. Thomas is a four-year interdisciplinary program designed to inspire students to explore the integration of philosophy, history, theology, mathematics and the natural and social sciences within a liberal arts education. The Honors experience affords a special opportunity for UST students to examine the relationship between liberal education and the practical, spiritual and cultural realities of life. Aiming at the development of the whole person, the UST Honors Program prepares students to assume the responsibilities of leadership for a lifetime of service to the common good in their professions, local communities, the nation and the world.

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