The University of St. Thomas Pre-Law program provides the student interested in a law career with an opportunity to explore the discipline and develop an informed understanding of the function of law in American culture. Success in law school requires a strong ethical foundation, an excellent command of the English language, highly developed analytical and critical thinking skills and academic and professional proficiency in the law — all attributes addressed by our pre-law program. Students will learn about our constitutional system and common law heritage.

How to Get Started

Your journey begins in your first year by talking to your Academic Advisor about your interest in law and meeting with a pre-law advisor. All students in the program will declare a major, take pre-law courses and participate in the core curriculum. Pre-law courses focus on the following:

  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT) prep
  • A normative understanding of law
  • Forensics and Mock Trial

Pre-Law Program Requirements

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and make no less than a B- in any pre-law course. Additionally students must show continual progress toward remedying deficiencies identified by pre-LSAT scores in any area tested.

Required courses include:

  • POSC 3333 Law and Society
  • POSC 3302 History of the Common Law or POSC 3304 The Marshall Court
  • POSC 3355 or POSC 3356 American Constitutional Law
  • POSC 4311 Mock Trial and Spring Competition course

Cooperative Admission Program with Houston College of Law

Undergraduate or MLA candidates in this cooperative admission program will earn a degree from UST and will have participated in the University pre-law program. Please see the pre-law advisor to learn about the application process.

Law School Advisors

Pre-law advisors not only lend support to students during the course of the program but will also guide students in selecting and applying to law schools. Advisors will monitor students’ progress in preparing for the application process.

Mock Trial Program

The mock trial program gives students hands-on experience in the advocacy work of attorneys, understanding the judicial system, enhancing critical thinking skills and refining oral communication competencies by participating in the recreation of a trial.

Pre-law students enroll in the Mock Trial course for the fall semester to learn techniques, procedures and information necessary to compete in invitationals and American Mock Trial Association sanctioned tournaments. Divided into teams of six or more, each team will have the guidance and assistance of a local attorney. During February, the teams will compete in regional tournaments against Baylor, University of Texas - Austin, Dallas, Pan American, Collin County Community College, Houston Baptist, University of Houston, SMU and other schools. The top teams compete nationally.

Contact Us

Rick Young, Pre-Law Advisor