500X330_GaudyCeilingIntegrated Studies (offered as a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences) provides students with a well-rounded, multidisciplinary undergraduate experience with training in both liberal arts and scientific/technical or professional skills that are in demand in the job market and marketplace of ideas, that, together with an integrated studies UST Core experience, provides a future-looking focus to UST’s Catholic educational tradition.

An Integrated Studies program (comprised of three minors, versus a traditional major and minor) offers opportunities for exploring the unity of knowledge and an excellent foundation for graduate or professional specialization, or for entering directly into a competitive job market.

Specific Skills Make Grads More Marketable

Burning Glass Technologies has identified eight skill sets that Liberal Arts graduates can develop through a modest amount of coursework, such as minor or online training or internships, that double their job prospects.


Unity of Knowledge

500X330_VitruvianMan​Intellectually and spiritually this program addresses the problem long understood of the disconnect between Humanities and Natural Scientific and Technological educational formations, but from both directions, where liberally educated individuals need to understand complicated scientific and technological issues, but also scientists and technologists need, perhaps more than ever, to understand the inescapable role of values and moral choices to be made in the progress of truly humane societies.

Through multidisciplinary study and research, students will develop cross-disciplinary modes of thinking that will offer out-of-the box creative perspectives, along with quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills, ethical awareness, analytical reading and communication skills, and both intellectual coherence and practical experience in problem solving and life.

Dr. Thomas Behr, JD, Divisional Dean, Division Of Social And Behavioral Sciences & Global Studies

Employers, and graduate or professional schools, want broadly educated students, with both qualitative and quantitative reasoning competencies, the how and the why of complex problem solving.

Dr. Thomas Behr, JD, PhD Divisional Dean, Division Of Social And Behavioral Sciences & Global Studies

Mentoring Scholars of Heart & Character

Students walk in front of Chapel of St. Basil on University of St. Thomas - Houston campusUST is Houston’s only Catholic university, inspired and guided by an ethical mission.

We have a special responsibility for the formation of the whole person, empowered for personal success and guided by commitment to faith and to reason.

UST’s Core Curriculum introduces students to the unity of knowledge and prepares them for further exploration of their chosen fields, in the Humanities and in the Sciences. You’ll learn effective techniques for research and analysis, critical thinking, good writing and giving presentations, all essential skills that can prepare you for engaged participation in society and in life.

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