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Pre-Dental Grad Smiles on UST Research Experience

Pre-Dental Grad Smiles on UST Research Experience

“I didn’t brush my teeth for an entire year,” senior Jennifer Hoang wrote in her dental school application. Now, biochemistry major and pre-dental student wants to bring smiles to others through dentistry. Following graduation, Hoang will attend her first-choice dental school, the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston. Read more

The University of St. Thomas Pre-Dental program is designed to prepare students for entry into dental school, and approximately 81 percent of St. Thomas applicants were granted at least one interview. This high percentage rate is indicative not only of the students’ success in the pre-dental program but also the high quality of teaching at the University.

Pre-Dental is a rigorous science and math-based program that can be combined with any major. It is important to note that the Pre-Dental Program is not a major but rather a program consisting of 45 credit hours (12 classes and 8 labs) of science and math courses and 6 credit hours of English. These courses serve as the prerequisites for applying to dental school.

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How to Get Started

Your journey begins in your first year by talking to your Academic Advisor about your interest in the dentistry profession and meeting with a pre-health professions  advisor. All students in the program will declare a major, take pre-dental courses and participate in the core curriculum.

Pre-Health Professions Advisors

The pre-health professions advisors assist students in tandem with their major advisor. The pre-health professions advisor informs the student of prerequisite courses, admissions test dates and application deadlines. As students prepare their application, the pre-health professions advisor provides workshops, application feedback and letters of evaluation for application to dental school.

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