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UST Prepares Students for Pharmacy School

Tam K. Nguyen became a licensed pharmacy technician before college and then worked in the field while studying biology in the pre-pharmacy program at the University of St. Thomas. Nguyen is one of 14 UST pre-pharmacy students who have successfully matriculated into pharmacy schools throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma over the last five years. Read more

Preparing students for entry into a pharmacy career, the University of St. Thomas pre-pharmacy program emphasizes a strong foundation in science and mathematics and a background in the humanities and social sciences. About 69 percent of UST applicants were accepted to a pharmacy school. It is important to note that the pre-pharmacy program is not a major, so each student will complete this program in conjunction with another major.

Students who succeed in the field of pharmacy are dedicated learners, detail oriented, organized, possess good judgment and problem solving skills and have excellent oral and written communication skills. A prior degree is not required for admissions into a pharmacy program, though many students enter the program with a baccalaureate degree.

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Pre-Health Professions Advisors

The pre-health professions advisors assist students in tandem with their major advisor. The pre-health professions advisor informs the student of prerequisite courses, admissions test dates and application deadlines. As students prepare their application the pre-health professions advisor will provide workshops, application feedback and letters of evaluation to the pharmacy school.

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