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The history department administers the following scholarships to majors: The Lamb Scholarship is awarded each spring to an outstanding history major at the end of the sophomore year. The Joseph and Norma McFadden Scholarship and the Rowan and Mae Cardwell Scholarship are awarded every spring to excellent history majors who have completed at least 24 credit hours. The Crow Family Scholarship is awarded every spring to an excellent history major about to enter the senior year.

The major in history provides knowledge of past civilizations and cultures that enriches the study of the liberal arts, ensures an awareness of the role of Christianity in the ancient and modern world and develops the historian’s skills of research and writing.

History majors will accrue and demonstrate in their courses a basic knowledge of world, European and American history. They will demonstrate mastery of research and writing skills in a capstone project during their senior year, and present their research at the UST Research Symposium or other approved forums. Students with the Bachelor of Arts in history will be able to use their knowledge, research and writing skills in careers related to history, such as teaching, law, journalism, etc. The best students will be well prepared for graduate school and the pursuit of advanced degrees.

Future careers include: government service such as federal or state historian, archival and library positions, museums, corporate historians and researchers. Recent graduates have gone into these fields and others because of the skills and perspectives they gained from their instructors and fellow students in the pursuit of their degrees.

History, B.A.

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