Projects and Courses

Primarily online, with less than 12 face-to-face class days throughout the year.

Recent MCTM Projects

Liver Transplant Assessment Project

This project makes use of the body’s own immune system to provide a metric that would help liver transplant patients. It looks at the diversity of each individual patient’s immune system to determine post-transplant patient survival, even when they would have been excluded by traditional pre-screening tests, thus expanding the treatment range of organ transplantation.

Wearable Brain Stimulator Project

This project introduces a wearable and portable device that is able to non-invasively stimulate the brain at multiple different sites for treating chronic ischemic stroke patients. Currently in pivotal clinical trials, this device is able to induce short and long lasting selective changes in the neural network of the patient to help redefine their post-stroke recovery treatment.

Targeted Lymphoma Imaging Project

This project utilizes a novel PET imaging probe that is able to selectively target Hodgkin Lympoma tumors for enhanced cancer detection in the patient. Currently Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is diagnosed by in vitro pathology examination of the tumor tissue, but this novel probe would be able to detect tumor tissue in the patient in real time, for enhanced diagnosis and treatment.

Osteoregenerative Shell Project

This is a project funded by the DoD to help treat blast injuries to the legs inflicted by IEDs in the field. The strongest biodegradable polymer to date was developed for this project to be molded into a shell that can surround the gaps in bones caused by the fracture. This shell is placed directly around the bone with a collagen patch to enclose the area and allow for osteoregenerative bone growth that enables civilians and soldiers alike to be up and moving in no time.

iNPG-pDox Project

This project uses a disk-like porous silicon microparticle that is able to generate nanoparticles inside the body to help overcome the body’s natural defenses against cancer therapeutics. The unique structure of this microparticle is able to specifically target tumor tissue in the lungs and liver, while overcoming therapeutic resistance.
MCTM Courses
Clinical Translation Process
  • Intro to Clinical Translation Management
  • Idea to Clinic
  • Practicum
Marketing & Management for Clinical Translation
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Marketing Principles
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Leadership and Management for Business Success
  • New Venture Design
  • Capstone - Part 1: Entrepreneurial Principles
  • Capstone - Part 2: Strategic Management
Financial Management for Clinical Translation
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Planning
  • Technology Valuation 
Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Clinical Translation
  • Intellectual Property Protection & Management
  • Regulatory Issues in Translation Management
  • Ethics in Translational Medicine
  • Business Ethics