Intro - MPA​With the landscape of accounting evolving and the role of accountants changing from background support to partners in business decision making, it is important that you evolve.

The UST Master of Professional Accounting program was created for accountants with an undergraduate degree in accounting who want to advance and increase their earning potential.

Technology such as blockchain, data analytics and cybersecurity are becoming areas that accountants of today have to be experts in. The MPA program will help you develop these essential skills.

The UST campus  is centrally located in Houston, connections to top industry professionals and access to experienced faculty make UST one of the best decisions you can make for your future.

Your success hinges on many factors, including the relationships you build with others in the business community. As a graduate student at the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business, you'll have unparalleled networking opportunities:

Celt Coffee Hour
Celt Coffee Hour

Engage with industry professionals in a round-table discussion and debate.

Business symposium
Business Symposium

Annual conference connecting you with alumni and leading Houston business experts.

Career Day
Career Day

Panel discussions with alumni and executives on how to best leverage a degree from UST.

Celts exploring businesses
Exploring Businesses

Visit organizations and hear from employees developing and executing business strategies.

Consulting projects
Consulting Projects

Work as a consultant on business issues and apply your knowledge to real-world challenges.

Guest speakers
Guest Speakers

Every semester, guest speakers join classes to provide insights and expertise.

A Career with a Bright Future

A Career with a Bright FutureBeing an accountant in today’s world is challenging.  With ever-evolving technology, it is more important than ever to evolve with the times.

The Master of Professional Accounting was designed specifically to help accountants adapt to new methods of accounting and the increase in technology.

UST faculty help you to develop both professional and soft skills needed to advance in accounting. The personal, hands-on approach that UST faculty provide sets UST apart from its competition.  Combine their experience, academic standing and relationships with industry leaders, make UST the best choice for accountants seeking their postgraduate degree.

University of St. Thomas - Houston MSA Master of Science in Accounting student walks in front of the Chapel of St. BasilBeyond preparing you for a career in accounting, UST prepares you to live a great life. You’ll receive training in accounting, and you’ll also find an emphasis on integrity and a sense of professional ethics woven into the workplace. You’ll learn what you need to succeed in your profession and make a positive impact in your field.

UST is consistently ranked as one of the top 20 Catholic universities in the nation by the Cardinal Newman Society. Our students strive to find wisdom in their education and empowerment across all disciplines, embodying the Basilian values of goodness, discipline and knowledge.