The Faculty Advisory Committee is charged with the collaborative planning effort of designing and developing an innovative, student-centric doctoral program for preparing prospective leaders for service in Texas schools as well as other institutions. Additionally, subcommittees of the Faculty Advisory Committee will serve to advise the program leadership on pertinent administrative matters relating to the implementation of the Ed.D. Program.

Ray Garcia
Professor & Ed.D. Program Developer

Ginny Leiker
Chair of Educational Leadership Program

​​Liz Borreca
Chair of Exceptionality

Serena Flores
Chair of Counselor Education

Emiliano Gonzalez
Chair of Curriculum & Instruction

Ginny Torres-Rimbau
Chair of Bilingual & Dual Language Programs

Catherine Barber
Research Faculty

Eduardo Torres
Director of Graduate Services

Janet McCollum
Director of Research

Adam Martinez
Director, MA in Catholic Educational Leadership

​​Nickie Landry
Curriculum Director, Title V

Anissa Jones-Thomas
Instructional Designer

Nicole Walters
Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Ana-Lisa Gonzalez
Director of Reading