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The University of St. Thomas is offering a free Microsoft Surface Go to any newly enrolled Master of Education student who enrolls for Summer or Fall 2022.

500X330_IntroWe foster engagement in a diverse, collaborative community. As a comprehensive university grounded in the liberal arts, we educate students to think critically, communicate effectively, succeed professionally and lead ethically.

Program Highlights

  • No GRE or other admission tests required if GPA is above a 3.0
  • Finish two courses every semester
  • Earn same degree online as on campus
  • Course make-up options available if scheduling conflicts occur
  • Transfer credits considered
  • 2-year completion time, including breaks

Not admitting new candidates: ​The School of Education and Human Services will not be accepting new candidates for certification, category, class, or route while we work to implement a continuous improvement model that will align with all standards particular to Texas Education Agency curriculum guidelines, policies, and procedures. Our intention is to ensure that we are offering programs of the highest quality and will provide information as we move through the process.

The graduate level courses in professional education and the graduate courses offered by the various academic support departments are all designed specifically for graduate students. The majority of the courses in professional education are open only to graduate students.

A few courses in professional education are taught concurrently with undergraduate courses. In some of the graduate courses offered by the academic support departments, mixed-level instruction occurs. In those cases where mixed-level instruction occurs, graduate and undergraduate course numbers and requirements are clearly differentiated. In all cases, graduate courses require some application of research.

We strongly encourage graduates to participate in the annual May commencement ceremonies. Since many graduates complete degree requirements during the summer, the Education Graduate Committee may approve participation in commencement ceremonies in the May preceding the summer of course completion. However, students must be short only nine (9) hours of course work prior to the May ceremonies. Such students must also have pre-registered for the remaining requirements to be completed during the summer term immediately following the ceremonies.

In order to graduate and participate in the May graduation ceremonies, candidates must file an Intent to Graduate form prior to February 15 for a May and August candidates or September 15 for December candidates.

Since the majority of graduate students in Education are practicing professionals, the majority of graduate courses are offered in evening and summer sessions. Most professional education courses are offered at least one time during a two-year period. Students may not audit courses in the M.Ed. Program without the approval of the Dean.

One of the desirable characteristics of advanced study is that students learn from each other through close association with faculty in a climate that stimulates research and scholarly effort. Advisors will guide students in planning schedules that provide sufficient uncommitted time available for creative study and research. A normal course load for a full-time graduate student during any one semester is nine credit hours.

After completion of at least 24 graduate hours, the degree-seeking student must present an application for graduation to his or her academic advisor. You'll first need to meet with your academic advisor, who will make you eligible to apply for graduation. Once eligible, you'll have access to the online graduation application through your MyStThom portal.

To fulfill M.Ed. degree requirements, a total of 30-48 credit hours of graduate level courses  must be completed with a grade point average of at least 3.0 (“B”). Degrees are conferred three times per year: May, August and December. Students must have completed all course requirements.

Counselor Education students are required to have successfully completed at least two years of the counselor- related work obligation. Work/teaching experience may be waived in special cases where students will not be entering education or Counseling careers with the approval of the Program Director.

A graduate student incurs scholastic probation when his/her GPA falls below 3.0 in any one semester. The student incurs dismissal when his/her GPA falls below 3.0 for two consecutive semesters. Probation applies only for the fall and spring semesters.

All requirements for the M.Ed. degree must be completed within the eight-year time limit.

Graduate students may elect to pursue one of several possible professional certificates or supplemental certificates in conjunction with graduate work. Each program has separate requirements. Requirements are subject to change with new state regulations. Students may discuss their certification plans with the program advisor.
Become A Leader In Education

Become A Leader In Education​The Master of Education Program at the University of St. Thomas is designed to develop master classroom teachers, instructional specialists and school leaders who demonstrate the ability to translate and apply educational research in instructional settings. In addition, the Counselor Education Program prepares professional counselors for both school and non-school settings.

The UST advantage:

  • The School of Education and Human Services offers flexibility in obtaining a master’s degree as we offer a variety of learning modalities to meet our students’ needs: face-to-face on-campus, face-to-face off-campus, online and in hybrid (face-to-face and online) off-campus cohorts.
  • The Educational Leadership resource area prepares students for the Texas Principal Exam. Having a Principal Certificate allows students to serve in the positions of assistant principal, principal, curriculum leader at the campus and district level and assistant superintendent.
  • All graduate courses are taught by professors who are current practitioners in their designated academic areas.

Requirements Disclaimer:
This is an online program and international students cannot maintain or obtain F-1 student visa or status or I-20 form through this program.